Monday, March 1, 2010

New! ~Health Tip Tuesdays~ Health Sites/Blogs

"Health Tip Tuesdays"

I love learning about herbs, eating healthier and finding new ways to apply healthy, whole foods to my family diet! Sadly I am not near the point I would like to be, but I am learning patients and know that if I am supposed to get to where I dream of being, God will open some doors and windows to help me get there!
I also have a deep yearning to help people who are hurting, in pain and poor health, but right now I just take care of my family's health as best I can. I hope to someday complete the School of Natural Healing Herbal home courses and become a Master Herbalist! So far I have only completed the Family herbalist level, but I learned sooo much and know that so much can be treated by simple everyday "weeds", foods and just change in diet!
I have really been wanting to share more about my neat findings and what I learn, here on my blog, and now I am finally going to start doing that, by sharing a little every Tuesday (or every Tuesday I can!)! I am going to call it "Health Tip Tuesday" and want to stress that this is just things I have learned and found in my readings/studies. Everyone should do their own reading/studies and talk with your licensed health care provider to find what best works for them.
Having said all that (and put the disclaimer below) I hope that everyone who reads or joins "Health Tip Tuesdays" will keep an open mind and pray about every health decision that they make.

If you would like to start joining or you already post health tips on your blog, let me know and I will add a linky for you to link up!

Since this is my first "Health Tip Tuesday" post and I want to stress the importance of everyone doing their own research, I am going to share some of my favorite health sites and blogs! If you have some you would like to share, please leave the links in a comment for us! Thanks!

My first and favorite place is "Herbal Legacy".
Chances are most of my quotes and writings will be from and inspired by them!

And "Melaleuca" is, of course, my place for household and bath and body products, some vitamins, etc!

Tracy's Transformational Kitchen is another very great site with tons of info and recipes!

"Health Begins With Mom" is an amazing and very informative blog!
Rebecca Wood has some great information, but I do not agree with her on everything!

Learning Herbs is a favorite of mine! I have learned a lot from them and their HerbMentor is great, but being a Christian you have to be careful on herbal forums, so I just learned what I could for the time I was a member! Would like to get back on and see what I have missed the past few months!

Bulk Herb Store has great info and you can buy supplies from them to make your own herbal formulas too!

The Herbwife's kitchen is another great blog!

There are many more, but I will just have to post them over the weeks to come!
Hope you enjoy these links and learn a lot!
God bless your health!

This information is not intended for the use of diagnosing any disease, condition or prescribing any treatment whatsoever. It is offered for informational and educational use only, and for use in maintaining and promoting good health in cooperation with a licensed medical practitioner.
In the event the reader of this post uses the information without the approval of a health care provider, he/she is prescribing for himself/herself and assuming full responsibility for it. This is his/her right to do so, but Preparing For Our Children's Future assumes no responsibility for his/her actions.


  1. Great blogs you are sharing. I am always looking for new sites to check out. I like the Herb Mentor also.

    Oh, your blog looks great! It is very pretty.

  2. I always tell people to take baby steps when learning to live healthier, otherwise it is overwhelming and they get burned out. Congrats on learning about herbs. I'm incorporating them into our health routines as well, although I know I still have a lot to learn. Baby steps, LOL! Thanks for following my blog. You've got a great one here as well.