Sunday, March 21, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Whole Lotta Baking & Pita bread!

I am so happy that I was blessed to do a lot of baking last week! I made pita bread, banana bread, french bread, brownies, and yesterday I made two double batches of pita bread (which made 24 pitas), and a Anniversary cake for us! Hope to do more baking thru the week! Maybe more french bread?!
Here is my pita bread from yesterday!
I would love to hear if anyone makes their own yogurt, how do you like to sweeten and flavor it? I made may first batch of yogurt yesterday and look forward to experimenting more! I will be posting my review on the Yolife this week too!
And does anyone make breakfast cereal? Would love to see your recipes!

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Also I have been working on a huge blog event for you! It is going to start in April (or sooner!) so come join the fun! "Spring Into Health" is the blog event! Already have some great sponsors and they have some exciting products to giveaway! =) Will be posting the list of sponsors I have so far this week too!

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Here is my tentative menu for this week!
breakfast=homemade blueberry yogurt and baked oatmeal
lunch= pork loin, dressing, greenbeans & corn
supper= swiss burgers & rice
breakfast= brunch eggs on pita bread
lunch= leftover swiss burgers & rice
supper= leftover pork loin, dressing, greenbeans & corn
breakfast= bacon & cheese omelets
lunch= BBQ on Pitas 7 pork'n beans
breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= leftover BBQ on Pitas 7 pork'n beans
supper= chicken Progresso soup
breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= salmon patties & pitas
supper= leftover buffet!
breakfast= brunch eggs on pita or English muffins
lunch=leftover salmon patties & pitas
supper= tacos
breakfast= omelets
lunch= chicken (fried or marinated) & creamy coleslaw
supper= tacos

God bless your week and menu & cooking!

1 comment:

  1. I love homemade pita bread.

    I like to mix homemade jam with yogurt.

    Have a yummy week.


    p.s. I'm headed over to your giveaway. I'm hosting a giveaway too. Come enter.