Sunday, August 28, 2011

Princess S.'s Birthday Party 2011!

Last month was our oldest Princess birthday! yay!
I made her a Sand castle cake! She and all the children loved it!
Here is the LINK for the recipe I used. It was very easy to make.

My sister came and helped decorate for a Luau party. =) She found some of the cutest decorations and party supplies at Dollar tree.

I made a watermelon bowel and filled it with fruit for the kids.
She wanted pizza, so I made pizza for everyone.

I bought her a coconut! She had never had one before and thought it was so neat! She loved it, but not the milk in it! lol!

She also got the One thing she had been asking for, for I don't know how long! A train set! I found one on Amazon for a good deal, and Daddy liked it because it came with a bucket that it All fits into!

I can hardly wait for the youngest Princess to have her birthday! I have to decide on a cake and everything for it still. =)
I also want to start getting ready for the Holidays. =)