Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Tuesday, The Words of Our Founding Fathers

“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.” -Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Samuel Adams Speech Cont. (Part 9) Saturday

"The hand of Heaven appears to have led us on to be, perhaps, humble instruments and means in the great providential dispensation which is completing. We have fled from the political Sodom; let us not look back lest we perish and become a monument of infamy and derision to the world. For can we ever expect more unanimity and a better preparation for defense; more infatuation of counsel among our enemies, and more valor and zeal among ourselves? The same force and resistance which are sufficient to procure us our liberties will secure us a glorious independence and support us in the dignity of free imperial States. We can not suppose that our opposition has made a corrupt and dissipated nation more friendly to America, or created in them a greater respect for the rights of mankind. We can therefore expect a restoration and establishment of our privileges, and a compensation for the injuries we have received from their want of power, from their fears, and not from their virtues. The unanimity and valor which will effect an honorable peace can render a future contest for our liberties unnecessary. He who has strength to chain down the wolf is a madman if he let him loose without drawing his teeth and paring his nails." -Samuel Adams

To be continued...Or read the whole speech here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Blog Birthday Bash by "Piece of Me"!!

I just found a great blog this morning "Piece of Me" and she has a ton of great give-a-ways going on in celebration of her daughters Birthday!!
I found a lot of great stuff for Princess S.'s up coming Birthday! So this was Great!
One is a "Beau-coup" give-a-way! Party favors and really neat party stuff there! I love the little Cupcake Tea light Place card holders!!!! Ooooo! SOO Cute! Visit that giveaway HERE!
There is another giveaway for the cupcake place card holders, from her, Here!

Another Give-A-Way is from Snapfish! A lot of great gifts with your own picture prints on them! I love the magnets and stationary, but could really use the photo book! Visit that giveaway HERE!
Another Great party favors giveaway she has is by Cool Party Favors!
I found Princess Tea candles there! Lovely!
Join that Giveaway HERE!
And the The Pink Poodle Boutique! Personalized photo confetti! Wow! And I like the pink feather boa! My girls like dress-up!
Visit that giveaway HERE!
Have you seen the pillowcase dresses? Here is her giveaway for those too! Ahh! So cute! They are from IzzyBDesigns!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strong Quiver From TCH Featured on "The Homeschool Mommy" blogtalk Radio!!

Conservative Homeschooler

On June 16th, Strong Quiver, from "The Conservative Homeschooler", was the special guest on blogtalk radios, "The Homeschool Mommy"!!! It was a wonderful interview! Strong Quiver's husband, Mac (who is also an administrator at "The Conservative Homeschooler"), was also on the program! They are such a humble and sincere couple, very blessed and inspiring!
If you would like to hear the interview please go here!
"The Homeschool Mommy" has a wonderful talk radio! I hope to listen to her more often!

Samuel Adams (Speech Cont. part 8) Saturday

"We are now on this continent, to the astonishment of the world, three millions of souls united in one cause. We have large armies, well disciplined and appointed, with commanders inferior to none in military skill, and superior in activity and zeal. We are furnished with arsenals and stores beyond our most sanguine expectations, and foreign nations are waiting to crown our success by their alliances. There are instances of, I would say, an almost astonishing providence in our favor; our success has staggered our enemies, and almost given faith to infidels; so we may truly say it is not our own arm which has saved us." -Samuel Adams

To be continued....Or go here for full speech!

Check out "Story Time Fun Felts Giveaway"!

There is a "Story Time Fun Felts Review and Giveaway" over at "Connected to Christ"!
I love felts and hope I can get some! My favorites are the Scripture stories, math, farm and toddler learning! LOL! There are just to many to chooses from!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fridays Feature in "Circle of Love"!


Every Friday, Laurie @ "Woman Taking A Stand" features a fellow, Christian, blogger and their ministry. I have been following Laurie's blog for a while, and was happy to share my blog with her.

Earlier this week she told me, I would be featured this Friday! Wow! How exciting and yet humbling! I really appreciate Laurie, her blogs and ministry, the hard work she does and for her featuring me! She wrote such sweet things and very encouraging to me!

I hope you will go check out her blog and read what she wrote!

If you do not follow her blogs, you should check them out! She has a Prayer blog, for Prayer Warriors! God bless her! And if you would like to be featured you can find out how to do that there!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 Honest Things About Yourself!

Wow! I got an award from Tara @ Home is the Heart of the Family!
How sweet! Thanks so much Tara!
Looks like a lot of fun too!
So here goes!

10 Honest Things About Yourself!

1. I love being a wife and mother and would not trade it for anything on this earth!
2. The Bible is my favorite thing to read!
3. I am still a babe in Christ! He's still working on me! PTL!
4. I love staying at home, and being with my family!
5. I find joy in making others happy.
6. We have not been homeschooling long, I and need a lot of prayers, and to read some good books on homeschooling!
7. I like to cook and bake, but wish I could do it healthier!
8. I have never wore make-up!
9. I can't drink Coffee! I get to wired!
10. I do not have enough patience. *Sigh*.

Okay! Here are my 7 blogging friends that I picked to give this Award to:

Here are the Rules of the award
1. Thank the one that gave it to you.
2. list 10 honest things about yourself.
3. Give to 7 other blogger friends.
4. place the picture at the top of your post.
Hope ya'll have a great time and look forward to reading each of your 10 Honest things about yourself!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Review of my Favorite Network for Homeschoolers!

A few months ago, I meet a sweet lady, and we started talking about our concerns for homeschoolers and the future of our country. Before to long, she started a network called "The Conservative Homeschooler"!
This is now my favorite place on the world wide web! And if you are a member there or read this, I am sure you will agree, if you are a homeschooler who discusses homeschooling, everything going on in our country and the world today and are concerned about the future of our country and want to educate yourself and even be involved in getting this country back to God, values and principles!

The network has been growing! Praise the Lord! There is always so much going on there now, I can hardly keep up!
Some of the top forums today are:
"Group banned in Tulsa for Bible Studies",
"Feminism and Motherhood",
"The Principle Approach",
"Civics 101".

There are now 62 wonderful groups!

From Conservative Parenting, raising sons, raising daughters, teaching little ones, Patriotic homeschoolers, and groups for different curreculums, to prayer and Bible study groups!
There are many groups for woman, on homemaking, pregnancy, recipes and preserving food! Also a group for men, marriage groups, and great groups for book studies!
Some of the book studies started or coming are
"Esther: It's Tough to be a woman",
"The Power Of a Praying Wife",
"The 5000 Year Leap",
"Created to be His Help Meet"
"Lies Homeschool Moms Believe"!
We have so many wonderful women! I am so glad to have been able to make so many great friendships, so far, and look forward to making more and getting to know everyone better!
There is just such a good, wholesome variety at The Conservative Homeschooler"! Whether you are in need of prayer, and encouragement,
looking for a place to discuss homeschool techniques, and gather ideas, or you want to talk about the newest czar, how we are becoming Europe or Germany and study our founding documents, it is pretty much covered there!

Conservative Homeschooler

Conservative Homeschooler/a>Conservative Homeschooler

Conservative Homeschooler/a>Conservative Homeschooler

Visit The Conservative Homeschooler

Power Point

I have been helping my husband with this:

We have launched a effort to hold state legislators accountable to the people. This provides, at the moment, an open letter to your city council and your state legislators.
We need to have a person in every county in the state of Tennessee, and other states, to represent their county. Someone who can communicate with the people of the county, who will be involved in their county meetings and will speak directly to your local state Representative for the people of your county. Once we have this set in place, the people of your county speak with one voice. At that point the people will have a hammer to swing, and will then, and only then be a special interest group.As our only hope is to stop the Federal madness is at the local, and state level, I hope you will participate. If you are interested in making a meaningful difference, please contact us, and sign on.
Power Point


I urge you to read the "Open letter to the Legislators of the Nation"

I could not attach a PDF, so if you would like a PDF of the "Open Letter to the State Legislators" send a blank email to

I urge you to read the "Open letter to the Legislators of the Nation", attached PDF. The effort is getting traction in the grassroots movements all over the country, and Legislators seem receptive of the petition as a Constitutional endorsement of their enforcement of the 10th amendment. I have found most Legislators don't even know of this application of the Constitution.It has been my experience, people feel emboldened when they come to understand what a powerful tool this is. When I have put this Petition in their hands, understanding it is constitutionally legal, WILL WORK, and they can make it work, people become very excited and engaged. This letter gives your Legislators the support and reinforces the authority needed to protect our most basic rights if needed, sadly, I am very much afraid it is needed. More importantly, it also puts the feds. on notice that impenetrable constitutional lines are being drawn.The Petition attached to the letter should distributed county wide and signed by as many people as possible, and returned to you.I suggest that a copy of the Open letter with a copy of petitions be presented to the local commissioners/ counsel members of your county in regular open meeting, and request upon introduction that a non-binding "Resolution of Endorsement" of the letter be constructed, introduced and role call vote be taken .If the resolution is passed, copies of the letter with copies of the petitions, with a copy of the resolution should be delivered to your State House and Senate Representative.If the resolution should fail to pass or not be put to a vote in a timely manner (within two regular meeting cycles), or rejected out of hand then note the opposing Representatives name and their specific objections. If their objection is reasonable I am sure we can reword the document specifically for the purpose of the resolution. Should it become evident that the Representatives are unreasonable and steadfast in opposition to the effort you, or I can write a opinion/editorial to be placed in the local paper that will hold them (by name) very much accountable for their actions of lack thereof. In short we will start a campaign to replace them. Our representatives must be held accountable if we are to emerge from this era in history a free People.Attached is a copy of the "Open letter to the Legislators of the nation" in PDF form, this should facilitate proper printing. You have blanket permission to post, blog, copy, distribute the letter/petition, as written, as you see fit. Please make copies available to like minded people throughout the County, and encourage them to support the effort .Please feel free to do what you can with this letter/petition, it’s in your hands now.As long as we have a Constitution THIS WILL WORK! PLEASE USE IT.Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you wish to discuss this effort, or the contents of this letter.Thanks for your consideration and God Bless,Power PointEd Pittstheriver@tds.net

An open letter to State Legislators of the Nation

An open letter to State Legislators of the Nation, 5/18/09I ask that you read this carefully and let it become a part of your standardoperating procedures manual of the heart. Your response to this will help decidethe ultimate fate of our nation.As sworn officers and oath bound duly elected men and women, you are under thelawful order domain that was codified for all time by The Constitution that merelyobeying orders of any kind was not an affirmative defense for actions taken by centralgovernment (federal) against civilian (state) populations.The benchmark has long been established, that if the “federal order (legislation)” wasunconstitutional (criminal) in nature or “required” the affected states to commit an actthey knew was, or suspected to be unconstitutional or criminal in nature, the affectedpeoples of that State and our Legislators have the absolute right and DUTY to disobeythat order and in some cases seek the immediate arrest and prosecution of the orderingauthority, be it Federal or State. That operational standard still exists and will be usedshould the occasion arise in the near future.Let the People be VERY clear. As The Peoples representative it is your responsibility toprevent, to the best of your legislative ability, any officer from any jurisdiction, privatecontractor hired to act as agents of the police, or a military member acting in an“official” capacity from carrying out unlawful, unconstitutional, or unethical “orders”that violates the effected person’s lawful rights, safety, security, or freedoms.Furthermore the offending “agent” of government is to be held liable in court bothcriminally and civilly. To uphold the right of resistance to such government actions bythe citizenry of the affected State in these situations for the preservation of life andpeace, and God given rights as laid out in the Constitution is justified in the extreme.We are left then with this “future” to contemplate. Either intelligence andcommon sense will dictate that this nation’s constitutional laws will be followedunder all circumstances, or there will be severe consequences both immediateand long term.Be it known that no Legislative authority is exempt from safeguarding the Americanpeople from violations of their absolute rights and that all such authority must be lawful,constitutional, humane and fair.That any and every Legislator of the State have as their first priority, theintelligent and judicious use of their power, and the full knowledge that theStates and its people will hold them accountable and responsible for their individual andcollective actions in defense, or the lack of defense of the People during times of crisesfrom WHATEVER cause.Be it further understood, that State legislation is expected from you that firmly states, noPresident, General, Judge, Governor, Attorney General, law enforcement official,legislator, public official at any level or animal control officer may violate civil rights, theBill of Rights, the law, constitutional authority, or any other covenant with the Americanpeople at the State or Local level for any reason. Any such violation will be considered aviolation of the official’s oath of office, and the violating official will be held accountableby the People.Good intelligence and common sense are the most useful tools in keeping thepeace, safeguarding the general population and using the law for the purposes itwas intended. Common sense is the gatekeeper for those laws and themaintenance of civilization.Together we must insure that both intelligence and common sense survive anyapplication or misapplication of the law in any form including that of martial law.No other course is acceptable. No other course is lawful. No other course willinsure that the States and America survives its present economic and political calamitieswithout resorting to all out conflict between its citizens and those in authority.Our future may well depend on intelligent, and common sense discretion as itapplies to the application law ( State and Federal), and that the will and decisions of thePEOPLE, protected by Constitution law at the State, county, or parish level is absolute.We The People expect, and respectively submit that those in authority begin atonce to exercise intelligent strength of character and the wisdom to know fromwhence comes their strength. The Constitution 10th Amendment and the Declaration ofIndependence enumerates the right, the people you obligated to represent provide theguidance and legislative power to convey the intention of the People up to and includingsecession legislation should it become necessary as prescribed by The People.The people you serve have assigned the trust and obligation, the Tenth Amendmentgives you the right to exercise the actions laid out in this letter. There is abundantFederal case history that has ruled in favor of the sovereignty of the States andrespective counties, and upheld the Legislators and Sheriffs obligation to enforce thesesovereign rights of the people, as set forth in the 10th Amendment.In conclusion the “best economic minds” as of this writing have concluded theeconomy will not recover in the near future. In the increasing unlikely event that arecovery comes to pass we must be even more vigilant than ever. As set forth in one ofthe many quotes that directly addresses this very situation."Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporarySafety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”Ben FranklinFrom county to state to country, Constitutional enforcement may very well fall to usagain, if it should, we must be prepared to protect our freedoms or they will swiftly cometo be no more.We the undersigned, or bearers of this letter have employed our State Legislators todefend our freedoms, and liberties as set forth in the Constitution of the United Statesand the rights set forth therein considered as a intricate part of the Constitution of theState and the People you represent. It is your sworn duty.NAME ADDRESS DATE--------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------

I am on Facebook now!

Wow! This is new and great.... I guess! I have been leery of Facebook and Myspace. But when "The Conservative Homeschooler" got a facebook page, and my brother came through to visit last month and he has facebook, I decided to give it a try! So far a lot of friends from The Conservative Homeschooler" are my friends! Plus one cousin and my brother, an old friend and a new friend! Great fun! I am picky about friends, so if you want to be a friend, you really have to let me know who you are and how you met me!

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