Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~Health Tip Tuesdays~ Drink Your Food & Chew Your Liquids!

~Health Tip Tuesdays~
We live in a day and age where fast food is great and eating on the run is the norm! What a life! No time to sit and enjoy a meal and when we do, we are still in a rush to do something or go on to something or somewhere else!
Growing up I can remember my grandma always telling us to chew our food really good and I thought it was crazy that she made my dad chew like 40 times per bite when he was growing up!
But I have learned the importance of taking your time to eat and drink and as Dr. Christopher says you need to "drink your food and chew your liquids"!
We may eat healthy foods and cleanse our colon ever so often, but as long as we are not chewing our food well enough and getting saliva mixed thoroughly with our food and liquids, our digestion system is going to work poorly to say the lest!
Heartburn, flatulence, constipation, and many other discomforts and health problems are caused by poor eating habits. Once you think about it, doesn't it make more since that we just take our time eating and drinking, instead of hurrying along and suffering thru the aches and pains of poor digestion?
Relax and be happy when you eat! make dinner time a good time and have everyone lay their complaints and stressful discussions aside while ya'll are eating. Discuss pleasant things and laugh a little! =)
Chew, chew, chew! Chew everything very well! your solid foods and your liquids. Swish them around in your mouth and make sure that they get covered and mixed with saliva. Your mouth is the first part of the digestion process and it is important that the saliva is on the foods so that the stomach can break it all up for your body to be able to use it.
Teach your children while they are young, to take their time eating and make eating time a pleasant time, so that their bodies digestion will be much more pleasant!
God bless your health!
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