Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Valentines Tree"

Living in the south, you often hear of or can see people's Christmas lights left up all year round! But I have never been one to try it, till this year, King Ed suggested again (we had talked about it after Christmas in '08), that we leave the Christmas tree up and have it for a celebration tree! That way we can decorate it for other Holidays and Birthdays, etc!

I took off the Christmas decorations after New Years, and the girls have been hanging their homeschool crafts on it till earlier this week. Then we took a heart shaped cookie cutter and made a bunch of hearts to hang on it! The girls love it and it is pretty!

I think it would be great in future years for Valentines, that we write Bible verses about love on each heart, or just write the passage on each heart and for Valentines day, sit and read each passage as a family!

What unique ways are you celebrating Valentines this year?


  1. what a winderful idea! I wish we'd keep up our tree all year :) Dh says NO WAY!

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  2. so cute!

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    Kristy from

  3. Great Idea!
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  4. Following from the Friday Follow! Hope to see you at soon!

  5. aww how cute. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love the new layout!

  6. What a cute tree! We may start doing this for other holidays.

  7. Such a brilliant idea, and it looks very very pretty. Will be very interested to see pictures throughout the year as you decorate it for different occasions!

  8. My mother did this last year. I think she took it down after St. Patrick's Day! She enjoyed it though.