Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days! And Frosty the Snowman Troubles!

We had a great snow last week! It lasted for 3 days and was very pretty and a lot of fun! I guessed we had 8 in. of snow, and they said there was 9 in. in Jackson, TN. so guess I was close! I think it was the most snow I have ever seen, unless I saw some when I was little and just do not remember it!
The above picture is a view from our kitchen window on Fri. (29th) while it was snowing!
We did not get out and play in it on the first day much. But on Sat., the girls and I went out to sled in the front yard for a while! It was pretty fun, but I do not remember it being that much work! Lol! I also do not remember sweating that much! =) Princess S. had a great time, but Princess A. kept landing flat on her back, so she did not enjoy it much, but still was upset when stopped playing!
I did not take any pictures of us out sledding and thankfully King Ed does not use the camcorder much, since he got a big kick out of me sledding down the hill!
We did go out and build snowmen on Sunday afternoon! Sarah was happy about that, till....well, read on and you will see!

Princess S. said we had to make 10 snowmen! Mommy got to make them all (don't laugh, I have never claimed to be a good snowman builder!), with Princess S. helping and finding rocks for the faces and sticks for arms!
Here is her first "frosty the Snow man"! It was fun and then after we put the hat on she got upset, because he was mot moving! Uh-oh! Poor little girl! She was sooo upset, she cried! It made me sad! So, we tried on a different hat!
Still no movement! Well, maybe it was because mommy was helping? Any tips?
Maybe do not read or watch Frosty the snowman? Lol!
Well, I hope she does not get upset about it again. I am glad she has a great imagination, but it is hard to explain stuff sometimes! =) I guess I will continue to learn as I go. *Sigh*!
Hope you all had a good time playing in the snow with your children, and learning lessons!
God bless!


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time! And yes, sledding and snowball fights are all a lot of exercise lol.

    We have actually had a lack of snow this year (it is all staying down your way), but I am not complaining. The last 2 yrs have been brutal for us, with 140 inches in 2008. The snowbanks were up to the roof of the house lol.

    Don't worry too much about Frosty not dancing or talking, in a year or two, she will understand and it will be one of her favorite stories.

    Many blessings and hugs my friend! :)

  2. Looks so pretty! Your snoiwmens are cute - I've never made one! Adorable that she expected the snowmen to move.