Sunday, February 21, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Week 7!

I am not creative with breakfast, so I have left it off the post this week! It will probably be mostly cereal though! (If anyone has some breakfast recipes to share, please do!)=)
I need to restock on some groceries finally this week! And have a birthday this weekend so have some special meals planned for that and have to buy some special food! =)
I also hope to get our woodcook stove in this week, (it would be good to get the electric oven fixed too), so that I can bake a cake!
I think I will do a cake mix devils food cake with homemade German chocolate icing! Love 'em!!
I really enjoy joining Menu Plan Monday every week! I hope you will head over to Organize Junkie to check out the hundreds of great menus and a lot of the ladies post recipes and recipe links too! lots of fun and good ideas!
Happy Menu Planning and Monday to you all!

P.S. Hope you check out my giveaways (links on the sidebar)! One ends this week!!

lunch= chunk pork & vegetable soup
supper= chili dogs
lunch= stir fry pork 'n rice
supper= soup
lunch= soup
supper= leftover stir fry pork 'n rice
lunch= pizza
supper= leftover soup
lunch= shrimp & pimento cheese sandwiches
supper= salmon (baked), coleslaw and rolls
lunch= leftovers
supper= Swiss Chicken casserole (I will share the recipe next Wednesday!)
supper=leftover casserole


  1. We have boring breakfasts, too: hot or cold cereal, bagels, toast. Your dinner menus sound good!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting!!! I think breakfasts are hard to make. For one reason, if you want to get ready in the mornings... you have to cook first or smell like sausage grease and such. So it's cook, scarf and get ready or cook, eat with your family and then throw on some clothes to start your day. It's a hard meal to plan for when you need to be places! AMEN to that!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I'm just getting around to some of the menu plans now.