Saturday, February 20, 2010

John Adams ~The Words of Our Founding Fathers~

"No man will contend that a nation can be free that is not governed by fixed laws. All other government than that of permanent known laws is government of mere will and pleasure." - John Adams

In the book "The 5000 Year Leap" this quote by the famous John Adams is under the "22nd Principle, A Free People Should be Goverend by Law and Not by the Whims of Men." (page 243).

If you have not watched the HBO mini series of John Adams, yet, I highly recommend it! I love it, but cry thru most of it!
Every time I read a quote by John Adams now, it is the voice of Paul Giamatti! Lol!


  1. I need to watch that ..if I only had HBO!

  2. I have been teaching for 34 years. I currently teach in a private Christian school. Please let me know if I can ever be of help to you in your homeschooling journey.


  3. I have been reading snippets recently of the Great John Adams. I am going to have to watch this sometime soon. Thanks for the post:)

  4. I've got a (very thick) two book set biography of John Adams that I picked up at a recent book sale. I think that may have to be one of the next books on my reading list. Maybe I'll have to cheat in the interim and get Netflix so we have access to all the documentaries. One of my friends has it and loves it.