Monday, February 15, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Cooking From The Pantry!

We are getting more snow here in the south today! It is so pretty!
Made donuts for a treat today and had our leftover Valentine meal for lunch today! Yum! And very stuffed now! =) Hope everyone one had a great Valentines and is staying warm and safe!

There are hundreds of blogs to surf and great menu plans and recipes to find, and they are all linked up at Organize Junkie! I always wish I had more time to check them out each week! I always find new ideas and recipes that I can try! It is lots of fun and helpful!
Also be sure you enter my blog giveaways while you are here! The links are on my sidebar. =)

Here is my tentative menu for this week! And once again I am using food from our pantry: canned and pickled veggies, canned pork and chicken, sausage from the freezer, beans, rice, oats, etc.

breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= leftover ham, heart shaped cheese scones, & green bean casserole
supper= ? probably sandwiches
breakfast= oatmeal
lunch=left overs
supper= chili
breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= I may make asparagus crepes if I have enough ham!
supper= chili
lunch= stir fry chicken 'n veggies & rice
breakfast= pancakes
lunch= leftover stir fry chicken 'n veggies & rice
supper=chili dogs
breakfast= cereal
lunch= pork chops and dressing
supper= vegetable soup
breakfast= oatmeal
lunch= pork chops and dressing
supper= vegetable soup

If you are looking for a great Planner that you can print out, to help keep up with your menus and daily and monthly goals, you should visit, "If Mama Ain't Planning"! I just love this planner! It helps me with my daily devotions too!

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  1. I agree this is a great planner! Great site! Following from MBC