Monday, February 1, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Warm Meals From The Pantry!

There are already over 300 menu plans linked up at Organize Junkie this morning! Wow! Hope to check some of them out and find some new ideas and recipes and maybe blogs to follow! =)

Hope everyone is having a lovely February 1st! We still have snow on the ground from Friday (29th)! We have had a lot of fun in the snow (hope to post more and pictures on that later!)!

Here is my menu for this week:
lunch= grill cheese sandwiches
supper= vegetable & beef soup

breakfast= pancakes
lunch=pork & rice and corn casserole
supper= leftover soup

breakfast= pancakes
lunch= pork & rice and corn casserole
supper= pinto beans

breakfast= cold cereal
lunch=salmon patties
supper= pinto beans

breakfast=egg burrito
lunch= leftover "buffet"!
supper= pinto beans

breakfast= oatmeal
lunch= bean burritos
supper= steak and baked potatoes

breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= chicken and dumplings
supper= Corn casserole (from Jess's "What's Cooking Wednesday", last week) I hope to have leftovers for breakfast or lunch on Monday, next week!

With the cold weather, I have been trying to cook heavy, warm meals! A friend mentioned she has been cooking a lot of casseroles, soups/stews, etc. I hope to check out her recipes and see if I can use some of them! Since I mostly cook from the pantry, I just use whatever we have!
I am out of rolls in the freezer, so need to make a Large batch of rolls this week! That should be fun, since the only oven I have is the small, wood, cook stove!

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  1. ALL your meals sound so good and comforting!! Have a blessed week in Christ my sister.