Monday, February 8, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ From The Pantry & Recipe Links!

We had some company last week, so made a lot of pinto beans and had a lot of burritos! Yum! I did not get around to the chicken and dumplings or corn casserole, so trying the casserole today! And I am planning on doing BBQ this week instead of dumplings!
Last night for supper we had leftover steak, scrambled eggs and toast! It was sooo Good!
I hope to make some goodies for Valentines day, but have not decided exactly what yet.....I do have a big meal planned for that day though!
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Here is my tentative menu for this week!

breakfast= oatmeal and raisins
lunch= corn casserole
supper= salmon patties & pinto beans

breakfast= corn casserole
lunch=left overs
supper= BBQ chicken, mac 'n cheese, and purple hull peas

breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= Southern Sloppy Joe's
supper= leftover BBQ, mac'n cheese & peas

breakfast= oatmeal
lunch= vegetable soup
supper= Sloppy Joe's and home style french fries

breakfast= cold cereal
lunch= leftover soup
supper= sauerkraut and sausage

breakfast= omelets
lunch= leftover soup
supper= sauerkraut and sausage

breakfast= cereal
lunch= leftover soup
supper= ham, heart shaped cheese scones, and green bean casserole

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Happy Menu Planning and happy Monday!
God bless!

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