Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Cooking On A Wood Cook Stove!

Well, last weeks breakfast was mostly cereal, but I am trying to be more creative this week!....Okay, not very "creative", but hey! It's something! With homeschooling, I prefer something quick for breakfast! But I am also trying to get up early in the mornings too.
We finally got our wood cook stove last week!! I am so glad I have an oven again!!! I hope to make some muffins on Wed. and Sun. and maybe even make rolls on Thur! So, all of my baking will be done in the wood cook stove and most of my cooking will be done on it too! It really saves us money on the electric, between the cooking and heating! I just love it! Being from the south, when it is 60 degrees, I am cold! So I enjoy the heat and splitting the firewood is a good work-out!
After my family moved to this area (in '97) we lived without electricity, (my family still does, though they have some solar now). So cooking on a wood stove is nothing new to me. I actually prefer food cooked on a wood stove and it is great for canning!
I have posted some photos of our new Kitchen Queen stove below my menu plan today!

I really enjoy joining Menu Plan Monday every week! I hope you will head over to Organize Junkie to check out the hundreds of great menus and a lot of the ladies post recipes and recipe links too! Lots of fun and good ideas!
Also if you share recipes on your blog, link up with me on Jess's blog, "It's All About The Savings" for "What's Cooking Wednesdays"! I will be sharing 2 or 3 recipes this week!
Happy Menu Planning and Monday to you all!

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breakfast= cold cereal and bananas
lunch= spaghetti
supper= leftover Chicken casserole

breakfast= cold cereal & fruit
lunch= spaghetti
supper= pork, cabbage & rice

breakfast= sausage patties, gravy and biscuits
lunch= spaghetti
supper= pork, cabbage & rice

breakfast= muffins & fruit
lunch= veggie & pork soup (from home-canned food)
supper= marinated chicken breast, mashed potatoes, corn and sweet peas

breakfast= cereal and muffins
lunch= leftover veggie & pork soup
supper= leftover marinated chicken breast, mashed potatoes, corn and sweet peas

breakfast= muffins & fruit or cereal
lunch= tacos
supper= leftover veggie & pork soup

breakfast= fried eggs and toast
lunch= tacos
supper= leftover veggie & pork soup

Here is our new stove! She's a beauty!

The wood box in it is Huge! Yippee! That means you can burn bigger would (less wood splitting) and it will hold a fire for a Long time!

Here is the oven! It is pretty big for a wood cook stove oven too! My big cookie sheets fit in it!

There are two, big water reservoirs on the back and it came with a bunch of pipe pieces and things to hook them up, so if or when we need to use them, there they are!


  1. Your wood stove looks great! I've never even been near one, but it is intriguing! I have been inspired by your Menu Monday's and this week I've done something new, I cleaned out both of my freezers and made a list of everything in them and that's what I'm going to cook with this month. I'm hoping that by shopping my own pantry and freezer, I will save big time this month! I can hardly wait to see how it comes out! Thanks for all of your tips. Your blog looks great! Happy Monday! Sheri

  2. Lovely stove! My dream house will have one.

  3. It must be quite a learned skill to be able to regulate the heat properly with a wood cook stove. I'm impressed, I would probably burn everything.