Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bulk Foods

(I wrote this the other day!)
Today, I cooked up a big pot of kidney beans, that I had soaked last night, and for supper today we had homemade chili! Yummy! I put some of our canned tomatoes and sausage in it too! Love that canned food! Yesterday for supper we finished up some pinto beans that I had cooked up the other day! And for lunch yesterday and today, we ate chicken rice cassarole. This time of year we eat beans and rice about everyday, in one dish or another! This sure helps on our grocery bill! And thankfully, King Ed bought some bulk beans and rice over the year! Praise the Lord we were able to do that!
It is very comforting as a parent to have food stocked up for our children. Looking at the uncertain future of our country, and with the prices of everything going up, it is very important that we prepare for the future. I know a lot of big families buy bulk anyway, but you would be surprised to see what little food most people have in their home! Many go to the grocery store at lest once a week, some people go everyday. I grew up with a lot of food in the house all the time! Mom always bought food in bulk! And boy, was it great! I have learned that you never know what may happen, so always be prepared! Growing up the way I did, I was shocked to learn that people go to the store every day and when I see so little food in someone's home! Wow!
So, along with teaching my children how to grow as much of their food as they can, I want to teach them to stock up on food. Especially, if they do not have enough land to grow a lot of beans and grains! We buy our bulk food at a store near a mennonite community. There are also coops, organic food stores, etc. that sell bulk food. I have found some links online to share. Hope you all enjoy them and find all you need!

Here are two sites for freeze dry and dehydrated foods. Also, the bottom one has storage buckets, etc.

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