Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Fridays-Cloths

For Christmas, I made a bunch of cloth napkins for King Ed. We use them everyday now, and since we have started to use them, the amount of paper towels we use has gone down tremendously! Cloth napkins can easily be made from scrape fabric, or fabric that is not suited for anything else. A lot of times you can find cheep, pieces of fabric at Wal-Mart and it does not take much to make a lot of napkins. I think I purchased 2 yrds. and made like, 24 napkins!
Also, to help cut back on paper, we bought a bunch of washcloths at the dollar store. They were bundles of 12 for a pretty good price (do not remember off hand, but between 5 and 9 dollars?). I plan to use them for a number of things, besides house cleaning, and bathing!
You can make baby bids out of washcloths. They are so easy, too! I hope to make a bunch one of these days! I have some friends expecting, maybe that will be some good baby gifts!
I have also decided to grow some luffa gourds, for sponges and I read where you can eat the immature gourds like you would squash! So that is interesting!
I like things that have multiple uses!

God bless in your high-calling as a homemaker!
A sister in Christ,

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  1. I have recently started using cloth napkins within the past 6 months and I'm amazed at how much money we are saving on papertowels! I usually pick them up when they are on sale, but since I have started sewing recently, I'm going to follow you lead and make some on my own! Wouldn't they make great gifts as well? Thanks for sharing!