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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle...

Gathering At the Well


Loving our children.

"The Hand That Rocks The CradleIs The Hand That Rules The World"

"Blessings on the hand of women!
Angels guard its strength and grace,
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
Oh, no matter where the place;
Would that never storms assailed it,
Rainbows ever gently curled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Infancy's the tender fountain,
Power may with beauty flow,
Mother's first to guide the streamlets,
From them souls unresting grow--
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine streamed or evil hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Woman, how divine your mission
Here upon our natal sod!
Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
Always to the breath of God!
All true trophies of the ages
Are from mother-love impearled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

Blessings on the hand of women!
Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,
And the sacred song is mingled
With the worship in the sky--
Mingles where no tempest darkens,
Rainbows evermore are hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world."
by William Ross Wallace

You have to listen to this! This is a speech given to the brightest preteens and teens in school! Share with everyone you know!

Dear Sisters,

Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, future mothers,

What is your calling in life? What has God made you for? What high calling does God have for you to fill?

To love your children!

I was going to write today about children being a blessing from the Lord, but I feel more lead to write about one of the very important steps in loving our children- that is teaching them!

We as mothers have been blessed with children that god has given us! And since he gave them to us, we are to teach them. God wants us to teach our children to love and serve Him. he wants to have a deep relationship with each one of our children, as He has with us. Young children's hearts are tender and pure, and it is important that we spend a lot of time with them everyday reading to them the precious stories of the Bible! Teach them of the Bible hero's, sing with them the Bible songs, pray with them, read devotionals, books on good morals and lessons. Memorize short scriptures with them. Give them the foundation they need to grow into a strong soldier for the Lord! The battle ahead of them is great. Make them very aware that life as a christian will be filled with battles, read them the scriptures about this, when they are old enough to understand. We are not of this world, because Jesus was not of this world! But they have great treasures in store for them in heaven. Though they may not receive a lot of trophies and praise from men in this world, they will get a reward from the Lord, if they do good and live for Him!

By teaching your children, you will not have to worry about how they are becoming indoctrinated. You will have them safely at home with you, so you will not have to worry about how safe they are out in the world, by themselves. Our schools are filled with more filth then we can imagine! The teachers unions run the schools, the teachers in the unions are driven by agendas, many are preying on the innocents of our children and all have one mission- to teach Your children Their views, Their doctrine, and tolerate religions, lifestyles, and everything that is not pleasing to the God! God has been taken out of schools and teaching, so who has replaced Him? If God is not allowed, who is? The father of this world? You think! The reason that the liberals are in the teachers unions is because they know that children are easily persuaded, they believe what they are taught. Children spend more hours in school then they do at home, and at school they are taught that their parents do not know it all. by the time they reach highschool or college, they are completely sucked in and in college, it is topped off by all the liberal professors who continually drive their agenda into them! These teachers know that if you lead the children, you lead the world!

Dear Mother, do not let the world become your children's standard! Do not let the world teach Your children! Do not give the cradle to the teachers! take back the cradle, rock the cradle yourself, and dwell on God so you will not be mislead. It is your God-given calling to teach your children! Dear Mother, teach them well!

God Bless you in your High calling to teach your children!

A mother-teacher In Christ,



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