Friday, January 30, 2009

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

Well, it's that exciting time of the year! Time to buy your seeds! Yippee! I love buying seeds, planting seeds and watching everything come up out of the ground (or pots) and grow to producing/flowering! Ahhh! Can't wait! Children love to help plant the seeds and watch the plants come up and pick the produce or flowers, etc. I want to teach my girls how to save seeds from the plants they grow themsleves. So I have been getting open pollinated, seeds and I got one book on seed saving so far. Here is some links to the best seed sellers that sell open pollinated seeds that I have found so far:

They (below) have a collection called the "Baby Garden"! It would be sooo fun to grow for young children! It has sbaby carrots, baby beets, cherry tomatoes, baby romaine lettuce, baby cabbage, etc!! Soo cute!:

Site for Herb seeds ( I have bought a Lot of seeds from them but have them vacuum packed...Need to start some this year though!):

They also have a vegetable garden seed pack, too! It is already vacuum packed and will keep a few years. I got one for us this winter already!

Teach your children something Very worth while! How to grow their own food and save the seeds so they can grow more next year! A wonderful project to work on over the summer and fall!

And some highly recommended seed saving books that are for sell everywhere! (Found these at Amazon)

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