Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loving our Husbands--26 Ways to Be His Valentine!

Gathering At the Well

Loving Our Husbands.
This is a little late, I know, but everyday should be like Valentines day, when it comes to showing your husband how much you love him! Hope you enjoy and remember to use these everyday!
God bless your Valentines Day!

26 Ways to Be His Valentine

By Connie Alexander Huddleston

Amorous words are not outdates. Write your husband a poem, sing him a song, buy him a romantic card.

Bake his favorite dessert and serve it by candlelight after the children have gone to bed.

Compliment him on his looks, his dedication to the Lord, his way with your children, etc.

Drive the next time the two of you go somewhere, and let him relax and enjoy the scenery.

Enumerate his fine qualities, using the modified line of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "Why do I love thee? Let me count the Whys." Tape the list to his mirror.

Fish, golf, hunt, swim with him; or at least read up on his hobby.Grass need mowing? Letters waiting to be typed?

Give him the gift of time and do a job usually his.

Hide encouraging Scripture verses or personal notes in his coat pockets, his wallet, his sock drawer, or on the pulpit.

Indulge him with the luxury of breakfast in bed served on a decorative tray.

Join him for a day at his work in his office, classroom, parishioner visitation.

Kiss him goodbye when he leaves for work. It's easy to get out of the abit in the rush of life.

Learn more about him. Do you know his favorite childhood memory? The best Christmas present he ever recieved? His favorite record? The time he was the most afraid?

Meet him for lunch. Use fast-food coupons or pack a sack lunch to share at the park.

New photos of the two of you can make the ordinary a day to remember. So get out the camera and frame the results!

Old, cherished wedding pictures can help you remember when your love was new.

Prepare his favorite meal.

Quips and cartoons can lighten his day. Cut them out and give them to him on a day he needs a lift!

Read a book together. Ralph Waldo Emerson said "It is a tie between men to have read the same book."

Smile when you see him.

Thank him for the routine things you tend to expect him to do.


Valentines aren't just for February. Give him a little gift - a pen, a magazine he likes, a favorite candy bar, along with a love note.Wask and wax the car for him.

Xercise to keep yourself looking good.

Yes, let's do it! Make that your answer when he suggests things to do - a walk, watching the sunset, taking a day to ski...whatever.

Zzzzzz. Let him take a long undisturbed nap while you entertain the children elsewhere.

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