Saturday, January 2, 2010

Samuel Adams Saturday (Speech Con. Part 19 of 20)

"We have no other alternative than independence, or the most ignominious and galling servitude. The legions of our enemies thicken on our plains; desolation and death mark their bloody career, while the mangled corpses of our countrymen seem to cry out to us as a voice from heaven.
Our Union is now complete; our Constitution composed, established, and approved. You are now the guardians of your own liberties. We may justly address you as the decemviri did the Romans, and say: "Nothing that we propose can pass into a law without your consent. Be yourselves, O Americans, the authors of those laws on which your happiness depends."
-Samuel Adams

There is only one more part left of this speech! Wow! I hope you will take the time to go back over my post and read it all, or you can go HERE to read the whole speech! A Great way to start the New Year!

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