Saturday, January 23, 2010

Suddenly! I am a Work-At -Home Mom! Wow!

Since Wed. night, this past week, a lot of things have changed for me! It is truly amazing and I am just praying for God's help and guidance through it all.
A large door has opened for us and I pray that I can use it to help others and help my household and environment at the same time. It is Very exciting! Not to mention that it will help our fiances out greatly!
I wanted to start sharing it with everyone who reads my blog and maybe have you join me on the journey ! Lol! I will be pretty busy the next 2 months trying to get a good, solid standing in this home business, but I will do my best to keep posting on my blog (and maybe start a blog for my job journey!! =) Never know)!
I told King Ed and a good friend that it just seems like a God-thing, the way it is all working out. I have been more scheduled this year, with more spare time, lining my days out better, and some other things that will help me with a home business.

As I mentioned, I will be sharing more about the new business over the next few months (and hope some of you will join me!), but I just have to tell you about the company, what I like about it, some about the products, etc. now!
The Company is Melaleuca! "The Wellness Company"!
I will be helping others become preferred customers so they can benefit from the wonderful, health, body, cleaning, etc. products!!! And for anyone who wants the opportunity to work from home, selling health products and helping others start their own home business!
The more I learn about the Melaleuca products the more I love them!
They are environmentally friendly, safe for your home and you save money by switching to their products!
As a mom, I would love to have safer cleaning and health products for my family! And the idea of a product that is better for the environment is great! Less in trash to haul off/recycle and less in the landfills!
I can give face-to-face presentations, or online/over the phone presentations!
We live on a fixed income and will probably not have it for very many more years, so this should really help us out financially. I have high goals for what I hope to achieve with this company, but I will be joyful even if I only reach half my goal!
Another big plus, as you have probably noticed by now, is how easy it is for stay-at-home moms and homeschoolers to do!
What a great opportunity! I can sell products that I will use everyday and Love! And that are not harmful to my children, pets, clothing, home and items I use them on! Plus they last longer, I use less of them and stay healthier and cleaner at the same time! And by using these better products, I have less empty bottle which means I throw away less and buy less! Fantastic!
Plus I can take care of my family's aches and pains, colds and coughs, and make sure they get the vitamins they need with all the great health and wellness products!

I hope you will send me an email to if you would like to learn more about this great company, and learn how you can become a preferred customer, start your own home business, or team up with me to do your own home business!

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  1. I've used Melaleuca products before. In fact, I'm currently using their dishwasher detergent. My sister gave me a whole box of their stuff for a gift. She like their Sol-U-Mel the best. Good luck in your new endeavor! :)