Monday, January 11, 2010

My First "Menu Plan Monday!

I am not sure what my main reason for joining Menu Plan Mondays is Yet! But I am hoping to learn how to plan better, try out some new recipes and how I can feed my family better meals!
Anyways, I am sure people can tell from my menu plan this week that I am still a young momma with little children, and still learning as I go! =) But here goes!

breakfast= oatmeal with raisins
dinner = leftover chicken and dumplings
supper= pinto beans and rolls or cornbread

dinner = grill cheese sandwiches
supper= leftover pinto beans

breakfast= cold cereal (granola)
dinner = vegetable and beef soup
supper= white beans and cornbread

breakfast= eggs and toast
dinner = leftover soup
supper= greens w/ leftover white beans and cornbread

breakfast= cold cereal
dinner= leftover soup and grill cheese sandwiches
supper= salmon w/ leftover white beans

breakfast= oatmeal and raisins
dinner= pork and rice
supper= chili dogs

breakfast= cold cereal
dinner= leftover pork and rice
supper= leftover chili

For my beef/vegetable soup, I am using my home canned meat and veggies!
I have homemade rolls in the freezer to add to meals.
And I hope to make some granola for breakfast cereal!
I love making everything from scratch. I plan to make the chili on Sat. And I always soak my beans the night before I cook a new pot! As you can tell we eat a lot of beans in the winter. Husband is a beans, meat and potatoes man! =)

Any hints, recipes to share, etc. would be fun to hear!
Also to find some GREAT menu plans, hope you will go to Organizing! And if you already join, let me know so I can check out your menu plan!
Thanks and God bless!


  1. I love your blog! I just signed up to follow you and afterwards, realized you just started following mine! I am also homeschooling and homesteading and have seperate blogs for those things :) looks like we have quite a lot in common!!