Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 4th Principle From The 5000 Year Leap

Now that I am on a "reading plan" this new year (!), I have gotten back to reading "The 5000 Year Leap" and doing my own study on it! I just love this book and if you have not bought it yet, you Really Need to! And if you do have it, but have not read it, please do! It is so important that you know what is in this book!

I have been posting my thoughts on "The 5000 Year Leap" on a book study group at the "Conservative Homeschooler" and this was my over view from last Saturday!

Hope you enjoy it!
4th Principle (Pages 75-93)
"Without Religion the Government of a Free People Cannot be Maintained."
The founders' knew that they needed religion to structure their government back then and they also knew the importance of teaching it to future generations. If it was not taught and passed on the government would no longer have that firm structure and the society would fail. Of course we can see that now! We focus on many subjects of "knowledge" in school nowadays, but we leave out the other 2 subjects: Faith and Morality!
"Washington Describes the Founders' Position"
To quote Washington, "It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government."
"The Teaching of Religion in Schools Restricted to Universal Fundamentals"
Wow. So you mean that you could not teach creeds? Or things "inconsistent with the tenets of any religious sect or denomination"? Wow. The more you read the founding fathers and how they founded this country the more you understand why the socialist are having to fundamentally reform America! There is just NO WAY they could abide by any of it! Must be why they do not read it either!
"Franklin Describes the Five Fundamentals of 'All Sound Religion'."
Franklin's creed is really amazing! Especially if you have been taught that he was an atheist! Lol! I will not get off on that though, this creed needs to be taught to our children as part of our homeschool lessons!
"The 'Fundamental Points' to Be taught in the Schools"
Could you imagine if someone tried to teach these fundamental points in a public school room today!?? And yet this is what the founders said should be taught in all schools!
"Statements of the Founders Concerning These Principles"
What a completely different mindset they had back then! I keep finding myself thinking, "I wished I lived in that country"! Pitiful. I Do live in that country! What use to be that country anyways. We have got to get back to that. It is so sad we have wondered so far away from God. =( Makes me feel like this country is the children of Israel!
"Alexis de Tocqueville Discovers the Importance of Religion in America"
Once again, I wish I could go back in time! What do people think when they come to visit America now? It is sure not what de Tocqueville found on his trip back then. God help us!
"European Philosophers Turned Out to Be Wrong"
De Tocqueville learned that what was taught in Europe was not true, after he visited the new America.
"A New Kind of Religious Vitality Emerges In America"
De Tocqueville saw for himself that this came from moral teachings and not political pressure.
"De Tocqueville Describes the Role of Religion in Schools"
He called it a "phenomenon" for a person to be ignorant of the faith, history and Constitution of his country.
"De Tocqueville Describes the Role of the American Clergy"
Interesting. The clergy where not into politics. They taught the religions and morals, but "they filled no public appointments"!
"The Clergy Fueled the Flame of Freedom Stressed Morality, and Alerted the Citizenry to Dangerous Trends"
America I believe has ceased to be good and therefore she is no longer great! We have to bring God back into our Churches, schools and homes, before we can ever be a great country again. De Tocqueville said he found America's greatness when he walked into her churches. But now most of our churches have become lukewarm or cold and satan and the socialist have filled them with their lies and misleading.
"The Founders' campaign for Equality of All Religions"
This is interesting.....I would have to do more research about this. Being the Christian that I am and seeing the problems in our country today, I would have to say, that I agree for the equality of Christian denominations, but not All religions.
"Why the Founders' Wanted the Federal Government Excluded from All Problems Relating to Religion and Churches"
This has gotten so misspoken and twisted and over ruled, that it is turned all around now. We now have constant oppressing and persecution from the government as Christians!
"Justice Story Describes the Founders' Solution"
Left to the state!
The wisdom and the understanding and foresight of our founders is just amazing!
"Jefferson and Madison Emphasize the Intent of the Founders"
"The First Amendment was designed to eliminate forever the interference of the federal government in any religious matters within the various states." What has happened? Wow. This has me really upset. Do we follow anything in the Constitution anymore? or have we thrown it all out?
"The Supreme Court as Well as Congress Excluded from Jurisdiction over Religion"
Not only was the federal government excluded by the First Amendment but also the Supreme Court and Congress.
"The Federal 'Wall' Between Church and State"
This just goes to show how they have taken Jefferson's letter and used his words, to make laws for themselves. As it points out, if you read the actual letter and Jefferson's writings in their historical context, you cannot get out of it, what the Supreme court has now. But they have said it long enough to make people believe it to have different meaning.If you notice, this happens a lot. Keep saying something and people will believe it.
"Religious Problems Must Be Solved Within the Various States"
It was in the power of the individual states, to settle the varies differences of faiths and have "equal rights among all".
"Affirmative Programs to Encourage All Religions on the State Level"
Jefferson gives a perfect example here about the "equal rights among all", and at the same time shows a very different setting then we have today! Could you imagine four churches of different denominations meeting in the local courthouse for their services every week?!
"Religious Principles Undergrid Good Government"
"Without religion the government of a free people cannot be maintained." If we just live by the five truths that they founded our country and government on, that come from the Bible and were the creed of Franklin and learned by the founders from their studies and faiths, we cannot go wrong!
Reading this chapter, I can see over and over that once again, we cannot have a great country without God. The sooner we all get back to our Bibles and our knees and get to reading the Bible to our children the sooner this country will return to God!
It starts in each of our homes. It has to start here, at home.


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