Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday~ My Stretching the Dollar Menu For This Week!

Time to plan the menu again! Sometimes I think it would be better if I posted the menu plan, then post what I actually did, since it changes up! Lol! Oh well!
As usual, I am making large dishes of the food and stretching my dollar and using what I have in my pantry & freezer! I won a Kroger's gift card a while back from "Rant, Rave Roll" and was able to get some roast with it! Cooking one this week and putting the other in the freezer.

I have been tilling in the garden some lately and have it ready to plant I hope! Have to wait for the ground to dry now after all the rain we got on Sat., then I hope to make rows and start planting! Can hardly wait for some fresh veggies!

The "Spring Into Health" event is going great! I got on twitter and that seems to help a lot for spreading the word about giveaways! You can find my list of giveaways on the top of my sidebar, just below the blog event button!

For hundreds of blogs to surf and great menu plans and recipes to find, visit Organize Junkie.

Here is my tentative menu for this week!

plan to have eggs a couple of mornings and the rest of the time, probably homemade granola/cold cereal w/dried fruit!

Mon.= bean burritos
Tues.=beans burritos
Wed.=tuna sandwiches
Thurs.= fried ham & some canned, southern style peas & cabbage!
Fri.=leftover ham & veggies
Sat.=leftover homemade pizza
Sun.= tuna sandwiches

Mon.=swiss chicken casserole & rice
Tues.= roast, potatoes & carrots (in the slow cooker)
Wed.=leftover roast
Thurs.=leftover roast
Fri.= homemade pizza
Sat.=leftover buffet
Sun.=BBQ pork ribs, salad & baked beans

Happy Menu planning and God bless your week!


  1. Do you make your own burritos?

    I love having eggs for breakfast.

    What I need right now is to start making a menu to keep guide for me with cooking.

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