Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Stocking Up" Challenge Step 1

Hey ladies!

I am so excited to see that ya'll are interested and want to do this! Good for you!

I am not going to rush this challenge! I have no "day to finish" and have not planned on having one! I want to get you started and then you can grow from there!

Also for anyone who is on a tight budget, you may need 5 or 6 weeks to stock up on things that some one else can get in two or three weeks. So even if I lay it out to say so many weeks, you make your own plan on paper, and STICK TO IT AS BEST YOU CAN!

Okay, the FIRST STEP:

I want you to save every penny that you can for the next week!

Save your eating out money.

Stay home as much as you can. When you go out, you spend money!

Roll your change that you have around the house.

Get your spouse and your family involved! Tell them your plan and see if they can pitch in to help save money!

Spend as little as you can, and please save up!

Your stocking up money is the most important money for your families future! They can cut back on a trip to the movies, going out to eat, and just shopping around for "things"! Give it a try! I think you will be amazed at how much you can stock up on and things you can get that you couldn't before. And most of all, when you are done stocking up, you will feel so good about yourself and what you have done for your family! It will give you peace!


Get the local grocery store papers and find out what is on sell for next week.

And Collect some coupons if you want.

Well there you go! Short and simple! For the next week, SAVE MONEY!

I wish I could give you more then a week, but as I said, this is just to get you going! After this challenge, and during, I hope you continue on your own, to save and spend WISELY!


P.S. I will be posting more tips and ideas for stocking up over the next week, but I will probably not post the big step(s) 2 until the 28th!


  1. Sounds like the perfect first step Hannah! Can't wait:) Oh and a tip for those who are joining....if you don't get flyers for your local stores, go online! Most post them online as well.

  2. Thanks Stephanie!

    That is a great tip too! I am so glad you shared! There are also a lot of places online to print off coupons!!!