Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Princess A.'s Birthday!

In Oct., we celebrated Princess A.'s 3 rd Birthday! I cannot believe that my baby is three! Wow! Time really flies.....*sigh*!

I made her a chocolate cake (pictured above) and put a little doll on it and made some flowers and put candy on the flowers! I was aiming for a cake with a Dora doll playing outdoors, but I couldn't find a Dora set that fit, so I just put this together, and she loved it!

I did all the birthday shopping at the dollar store and was impressed with the variety I found. I also had to get some groceries for the party and a few things we needed. Altogether (Dollar store and groceries) I think I spent around $130. I think I did pretty good considering everything cost so much these days.

I think her favorite toy this year was a little doll that Princess S. picked out! I was delighted that she found it! I mean it is not everyday you find a doll at the dollar store that sings "Jesus loves me"!!!
Now she sings all the words to the first verse and chorus and it is SO sweet to hear!

Another toy that she loved is her first kite! I just happen to see a few kites in the store and one was Dora! Knew she would love it!

I love this picture of the girls watching the new kite and Princess A. getting to fly her kite for the first time!

Yes! That is Dora flying in the tree tops!

I am really looking forward to the girls birthdays this year! Maybe this will be the year that I buy and plan ahead! =)


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  1. She's precious! I can't believe my twins are 3 as of late July last year. They are still like 2yo's in many ways :).

    I love the cake; how pretty!