Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Year Resolutions and Plans

I love new years and new months! It seems like a great time to start fresh, start something new, make plans, and dream new dreams!

I am pretty worried about the future of our country and our children's futures, but I am still pretty excited and hopeful for what the future holds! We may be facing some really bad, dangerous and down-right ugly times, but my faith will not let me give up, and I believe that God always takes care of His children, His own, even if it is not what we think is best or good and we may have to hurt and walk thru valleys at times.

So with the beginning of the new year, I have been pretty excited and making some plans, setting some goals and dreaming dreams! Sure I know God is the one who is in control and I am happy to let Him have control of my life, and family's lives! I love the Bible verse that says "man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" (Proverbs 16:9)! I guess I find comfort in knowing that God is in control!

Another thing is, (and it is a Big thing!), I am a mother! I hope, and plan, and dream and set goals, because I am a mother! It is just that simple to me. A mother never gives up.

Here are some of my goals for at least the next few months:

1. Read stories to the children everyday.

2. Take time for personal reading everyday.

3. Have a devotional/quiet time to spend with the Lord everyday. (I really need to work on this!)

4. Work out on the Bowflex at least 3 days a week.

5. Give husband a back rub at least three days a week!

Here are some of my goals for this year:

1. Help oldest graduate 1st grade in homeschool. And get started on 2nd grade!

2. Set up a lesson plan for the youngest for pre-K and help her get thru pre-K this year!

3. Help husband finish the add-on to the house (adding some bedrooms on).

4. Paint the walls in the bathroom, washroom and above the kitchen counters.

5. Grow a big garden! And save a lot of seeds, Lord willing!

6. Can a Bunch of vegetables, meat, etc! And I would love to get more pint jars and some wide mouth jars.

7. Make herbal salve, and grind/mix up more of my herb formulas.

8. Keep a journal, or at least notes of what we do everyday!

9. Go camping and start a natural journal/scrapbook with the kids!

10. Find some good deals and make more clothes for the family for next year.

11. Fix up a place for some milk goats and get at least two milk goats!

12. And last, because I dread it and I am putting it off, get my driver's license. UGH!

Some of my dreams for the year?

1. IF the country some how straightens out to where people can buy and sell things and I can find some good sources for material (yeah, I know, too many if's), I would Love to start an Etsy shop, or some sort of online store!

2. You know I do Not use birth control and leave my family size up to God. For some reason He has seen fit that we have not had a baby for 3 years now. It may be that we are going to face tuff times in the near future. I do not know. This is an area that I am so torn in! I want a lot of babies and children! But I also know that if times are hard, it will be Extra hard if I am pregnant or have a small baby. So I just continue to pray that God's will be done!

3. An amazing dream, that really is a far out there dream for me! lol! Would be that I stick to reading books thru this year and actually finish some books! lol! =)

4. That the girls "Nonnie" and "Papaw" will get their house finished this year and get moved in! I really look forward to having them live next door! Especially now that "Nonnie" has been having tons of back troubles and we could help her more if she were closer!

5. I pray this will be the year that my parents will try to make things right and we can start working out a relationship with them. I want to see my younger siblings and my parents again. =(

That is all I have for today! But it is still the first of Jan! I am sure I will add to my list!
Now I need to get to work and play! =)

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