Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Daily Bread Devotional January 1st 2011

Hey friends!
I have been reading "Our Daily Bread" off and on for about 9 or 10 years now and have really enjoyed it! I wanted to share today's devotional with you here and if you would like to read more or send off for the devotionals visit "Our Daily Bread"!

"Eat Fast, Pay Less"
January 1, 2011 — by C. P. Hia

Read: Psalm 63:1-8
"My soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You." —Psalm 63:1

Bible in a year:
Genesis 1-3; Matthew 1

"A hotel in Singapore introduced an express buffet—eat all you can in 30 minutes and pay just half the price! After that experience, one diner reported: “I lost my decorum, stuffing my mouth with yet more food. I lost my civility, . . . and I lost my appetite for the rest of the day, so severe was my heartburn.”

Sometimes I think in our devotional reading we treat God’s Word like an express buffet. We wolf it down as fast as we can and wonder why we haven’t learned very much. Like physical food, spiritual food needs chewing! For those of us who have been Christians for a long time, we may have a tendency to speed-read through the passages we’ve read many times before. But in doing so, we miss what God is meaning to show us. One sure sign of this is when we learn nothing new from that passage.

David’s desire was right when he wrote in Psalm 119:15, “I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways.” That’s the way to treat God’s Word—to take time to mull it over.

Let’s not come to the Bible as if we were going to an express buffet. Only by meditating on God’s Word will we get the most value for our spiritual well-being.

Spending time in meditation,
Hiding Scripture in our heart,
Works in us a transformation
So from sin we can depart. —Sper

Reading the Bible without reflecting
is like eating without chewing."

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