Thursday, January 6, 2011

Special Sep. Birthday Cakes!

My sister has two children who have birthdays the first of Sep. (birthdays are one day apart!)! And the girls and I got to go over to their house for the double Birthday party on Sat., Sep. 4th! It was so much fun!
We got to help decorate, wrap presents, clean and set up the activities before the party! And my brother showed up from TX. to visit for the weekend and that was a BIG surprise!

I took pictures of the cakes that my sister's sister-in-law made for the kids birthdays! She did an amazing job on them!
The first was for my nephew, who turned 5! He loves horses!

The second is the princess cake for my niece!

I also helped make the special 1st Birthday cake that they gave to my niece for her to eat on her own!

I love birthdays and birthday cakes! I love how each one is so special and unique! I hope someday I can get me a bunch of cake decorating things and do more to make fun cakes! =)

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