Sunday, January 16, 2011

My little "cave-children" cracking nuts!

Over the autumn months (last year), we took a lot of time to help the girls learn about different nuts that grow wild around here. They had a really great time gathering nuts and cracking them and eating them!
They were so fun and cute to watch! Like a couple of squirrels gathering nuts and like children from a long time ago, trying to crack the nuts with rocks!!
I took pictures of that of course!
Here are some of the pictures of them trying to crack hickory nuts with rocks!!

The pictures (above and one below), of Princess A. trying to crack a nut with a big rock are just precious, I think!
Princess S. could actually hit hers hard enough to crack a lot of them! She loved it and would spend a lot of time working hard at it!
I have a lot more pictures of our nut gathering, etc. that I may post later!
~ the nutty mommy, Hannah!


  1. I love it, they are so cute Hannah:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such sweeties! Love the pictures!