Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giveaway @ Kellie's for Craft Kit!!

While skimming over my facebook today, I noticed another giveaway! It was a craft kit giveaway, so I had to check it out! I found it on a facebook friends blog (glad to find her blog too!!).
Kellie @ "Training Up A Child" has the great giveaway of a craft kit from "Creativity for Kids"!!

This is another great site that I had never seen before that has GREAT ideas for homeschoolers for Christmas or birthday gifts! A ton of good crafts to keep you children busy and learning! I will have to shop around here over the years to come (Lord willing)!

I think I would have to pick the "Make Your Own Cupcake Soaps" kit! I think my girls would love it, and it looks like it would be easy enough for them and they could give some to "Nonnie" and their Aunt!!

Doesn't it look fun? Hope you will go over and check out Kellie's giveaway and maybe you will shop around at "Creativity for Kids" and get some Christmas shopping done there!!

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