Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Expect the Unexpected!

An unexpected home repair and chance for cleaning the kitchen cabinets (and bleaching many areas in the cabinets and on the back porch)!

A line that is often said by my husband or I is, "You can't make this up"! After you read this blog post you will only see a few reasons why we say that!

We have been using our wood cook stove for heating the house this winter. It has already helped out a lot on our electric bill! =)
It is a small stove though, so you really have to stay with it to keep wood in the small wood box.
My husband said we should start putting wood in, whenever one of us gets up at night, since the nights are getting colder. So on last Saturday morning, I woke at 3 am. and it was pretty cool in the house, so I went down and started a fire. Husband got up when he heard me and I went on back to bed.
I had not been in bed long when I heard some noise in the kitchen. It sounded way to big for a mouse and I knew the cat could not get in, so I went down and sure enough I could hear something in the empty/broke junk drawer under the coffee maker!
I went up and woke husband back up to tell him!
Well I went down first, just in time to see a skunk fall out of the cabinet door!!

I took this picture a week or 2 ago, of the skunk eating the cat food! So as soon as I heard the commotion in the drawer and cabinet, I just knew it was the skunk, but I was really hoping for a rat or raccoon!
Well I went and opened the back door and thankfully the skunk moved on out, after he went into the washroom, looking for a way out!
We started going thru the kitchen trying to find were it came in, but could not see any where! While we were still talking about it, there was the skunk again in the cabinet! We could hardly believe it! This time when it came out of the cabinet, it went all the way around the house, following the walls, looking for a way out, till it found the back door! Well it ran back under the porch, so we tore into the cabinets again. This time we took out the broke drawer and found a small hole in the wall! The wall had the duck work in it that goes upstairs, so the skunk had gotten under the house thru a small hole by the AC and then found or made a hole in the duck work to come up into the cabinet!
We put a big towel in the hole to block it up for the day, but by then it was almost 5 a.m. and Princess S. was a wake! I tried to go get a nap, but the other Princess woke up too! So it was a very long day! And all my lower kitchen cabinets were emptied out all over the floor of the kitchen! I was needed to clean the cabinets, so I got to do that!
Husband went to the solar project he has been working on lately and brought some boards home that evening to fix the hole, but found we need stuff to repair the duck work first. Husband threw a lot of bleach around in the hole that they made in it made in the duck work, though.
While we were checking what all we needed to repair, the skunk somehow was back under one of the cabinets! So we threw more bleach in under the cabinets!Then somehow went back out, without us seeing it! Unreal.
Husband put the boards up to block the hole, till we can fix it all.
It wasn't long before the skunk was on the back porch eating cat food again! So husband opened the door enough to throw bleach on it! It just ran back under the porch. We went looking around to see if we could find it and for sure of how it was getting in under the house. I got brave and opened the little door that is for getting under the house and I was meet by the sight of TWO skunks, standing not too far away! Well that answered a lot of questions! Now that was why one time the skunk went right out the door, but the other time it went all the way around the house!

We still have a skunk around, as of last night, but I do pray it never gets back in and I am SOOOOOO THANKFUL none have squirted at us or in the house!!

I have learned a lot about skunks...
1. They are Not afraid of anything!
2. They are not very smart,
3. They can fit in Tiny holes!
and 4.
If you have one, you most likely have 2!


  1. What an experience! You are right - you cant make it up!! God bless!

  2. Ack....hope you solve the issue soon. Funny to read, but not fun to deal with.

  3. Oh my, what an ordeal!! Hope you will not have to many more of those early morning visits.