Monday, November 9, 2009

~Music Mondays~ "God will Lift Up Your Head"

I am sorry I missed last Monday....Again!!! UGH! Well, thought I better get over here early this Monday!
Sometimes it is hard for me to pick which song to share! There are just sooo many great ones! I have been thinking of a lot of songs and hymns that come from King David's writings in Psalms, since I have been reading some of the Psalms in my daily Bible reading. Last weekend I was trying to remember a song that comes from Pslams 121, but I could not find it since I could not remember the lady who sang it! oh well!

Then the other day we went with husband to get some solar stuff and while listening to the Dove (94.5), heard this song by Jarsofclay! It is just a wonderful, uplifting song! Hope you enjoy it too!

"God will Lift up Your Head"
By Jars of Clay


  1. One of my favorite songs!!! I am so glad you made it for Music Monday today, thanks for linking up!

  2. Great song. Thanks for sharing!