Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Gratituesday Challenge!

I have been subscribing to/following Laura's blog, "Heavenly Homemakers" for a while now, and I really like it!
She has a Gratituesday Challenge this month and I hope to join in for the great fellowship and giveaways! Hope you will head over to "Heavenly homemakers" each Tuesday this month and join the fun!
Today I am grateful for many things! But I am mostly grateful for my husband!! He has been doing a lot of hard work and trying to help a lot of people. What makes me more grateful of him is how he does so little for himself and so much for others, even when he is not ask to, or does not have to. His family means the world to him. He has such a great, big, good heart! Love him soo much for that!!! I thank God every day for blessing me with my husband!! I could not ask for a better man to share my life with!

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