Friday, November 13, 2009

Kindergarten Gratuate! ALREADY!!

Congratulations to Princess S!

This is hard for me to believe, but my oldest baby has completed Kindergarten! And she did so well! We are so proud of her! Her daddy is just the most intelligent and smartest man in the whole world, so I know she is taking after him! She is her Daddy's girl too! So sweet!
Well last week end we had a little graduation party for her, to celebrate her finishing her Kindergarten books! She was excited to pick what kind of cake and picked chocolate with chocolate icing! That made Daddy happy! Lol! He dislikes the pink cakes we usually have on birthdays!

We invited our Nonnie and Papaw Steve over for supper ("adopted" grandparents)! And Nonnie's mom, "Granny" was out that afternoon mowing, so we walked over to the pasture across the road and invited her! She was very happy to be here too! It was great! We had the 2 women over who have had a big hand in her education too! "Granny" teaches phonics at a school near were she lives and has given us some great phonics pages that we are using, and Nonnie has always given us educational books, toys, etc!

We had marinated chicken, noodles, sweet peas and mashed potatoes for supper, and cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert!

I printed off a Kindergarten diploma for Princess S. and she is very proud of it!

Now we are going to start 1st grade next Monday, Lord willing! Wow! Anyone else have a 4 year old in 1st grade? =)

God is Good!

for thier future



Here is the link to the diplomas if anyone needs some!


  1. That is fantastic! Yeah!!! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats to Sarah!!

    Our Sarah was reading at 4 yrs of age. :) She hasn't stopped yet either.... LOL