Monday, October 19, 2009

The Words of Our Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams Speech (part 13)

For Christmas last year, someone gave us the "John Adams" HBO series!
I had never heard about it but we watched the whole thing on Christmas afternoon and the next day, I believe! It was great! I have been wanting to watch it a way...then again, it is one of those shows that is hard to watch right now, with everything going on in the country! Well, Sat. night, I got it out, (finally, but with a little dread!), and we have watched the first two parts now!
If you ever never seen the show, I Highly recommend it! And if you have older children, it may be good for them to watch it too! That and "It's a wonderful life" and "Mr. Smith goes to Washington"!
Please read the words of our Founding Father's! There is much wisdom and guidance to be learned! And we all really need to learn the truth, for ourselves about these great men and how our country was born and how it got to where it is now!

"As the administration of government requires firmer and more numerous supports in proportion to its extent, the burdens imposed on us would be excessive, and we should have the melancholy prospect of their increasing on our posterity. The scale of officers, from the rapacious and needy commissioner to the haughty governor, and from the governor, with his hungry train, to perhaps a licentious and prodigal viceroy, must be upheld by you and your children. The fleets and armies which will be employed to silence your murmurs and complaints must be supported by the fruits of your industry." -Samuel Adams

To be continued.... or read the whole speech here!


  1. Hannah, you couldn't be more right about recommending this. I am so glad you recommended it to me those few months ago.

    Even my kiddos, who whined initially (like they did with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), loved it!

  2. I am going to see if our library has any of these titles, thanks for the recomendations!

  3. Popular titles, I am number 29 for John Adams and 14 for Mr.Smith! I can't wait to watch them now, I love being able to include educational films in our learning. :)