Sunday, October 25, 2009

Canning Apples...Part One!

Okay, I think this is my first step-by-step blog post! Yippee! And sad since I have almost 200 blog post! Oh well!

As I mentioned, the other day, we went and picked up two bushel boxes of Gala apples! So yesterday, I canned a bushel of them! It took most of the noon and afternoon, since I did them by myself and had to do other things along, of course, but they turned out very pretty and I am soo happy to have that many done, and to think I have about that many more to can! Praise the Lord!
The apples before I started:

I just washed them off in the sink, (since I was going to peel and boil them)
The peeling and slicing by hand took the longest, since I do not have one of those neat cutters, or and Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer!
Well, at least I only had two bushels! =)

The clean jars and lids, and some apples in the jars, as I filled them:
I some how forgot to take a picture of the apples boiling in the Extra-Light syrup! Sorry! But you can see the pans in the picture above! I followed the Ball Blue book, of course, but used less sugar then they said, and lemon juice to help keep them from turning so brown!
The apples in the hot water bath:
The finished/cooled jars of apples!

Uh, and here is what is left to do! =) Not quite another bushel, so hope to get at least 14 (+?) more!

I hope to have another post as a follow-up, after I am done with all of them! Hope that will be soon!

God bless!


  1. Hannah, I like your blog. The apple peeler/slicers are nice. I don't like my apples sliced as thin as my apple slice makes them as they get mushy when I make a pie with them. You explained the whole process so everyone can understand it. Great job. will you make some apple sauce too.

  2. I agree about the apple peeler/slicers! they do cut too thin. I want to get one of the hand corer/slicers though! They have a larger slice and cheaper!
    No, I did not make sauce! I did want to make apple butter, but thought pies would be better! Maybe next time...=)