Friday, October 23, 2009

Ooo! Look Goodies! =)

I know I am very plain and simple, not hard to maintain, that is for sure! Lol! So what i find exciting may not intest anyone else, but that is the good thing about a blog, right? You can make a big deal about stuff and either people read it or not! Oh well, having blabed (is that a word?) all that, I just had to make a post about our day!

I got up early, fed and dressed the Princess' and we rode over to the mennonite community with some friends. They had a huge apple order come in and we went to get our apples! I am very happy with ours!=)

We got two bushels of Gala's for $13 a bushel!!! I would have gotten more, but probably enough for me to work up by myself and money is just tight, as usual!

While we were there, (they had the apple pick-up, at the mennonite market), we went into the market to get a few things. I love the things they have in the market, but not the prices! =( I did get a few things that I thought would be great for a healthier diet: Veggie, Wagon wheel noodles, cous cous, and seasame seeds! Also not so healthy, but for a snack(s): chocolate covered raisins! And some tortilla chips and red creme soda! (Hey I had to treat the girls?)!

We had some of the wagon wheel noodles for lunch, when we got home! We love them with some Italian dressing on them!! YUM!
For supper, I have leftover chili that I made for King Ed last night!
He sweetly rated it a half star and ate 2 bowels of it! =)
As a homschool update, Princess S. has 22 pages left in her math book and has finished her Language Arts except a little writing practice in the back of the book!! Looks like we have a Graduation Party coming up!!=) =)


  1. What a great looking batch of apples! We like the Gala's too. Samantha won't eat anything but those now, because they are the only ones firm enough for her tastes.

    Congrats to Princess S!!

    And keep it coming, I am a simple person to please also, and love your posts!


  2. Do you mean italian salad dressing on your noodles? Details please. :)

  3. Stephanie, I have to agree with your Samantha! Gala's and Granny Smiths for me! Lol! But if I don't get any for a while, i am not as picky!

    Yes, Shawntele, we use italian salad dressing! My mom use to do that and I just love it! Lot of flavor, yet sooo simple! =) You can always add sausage to the dish too!

  4. Those apples look delicious!! Gala's are a favourite here too. I'm hoping to make some apple sauce yet this fall. Not sure when, right now we are all enjoying a new baby in the house. :)

  5. I love apple season! You probably saw the post a while back on sauce and dried apples. We went to the Oneida apple orchard on a field trip w/ the homeschool group and brought home a bunch more. The kids had a great time hanging out with their friends and picking their very own apples. I wish we had a Mennonite store around here, but more of the grocery stores are starting to stock bulk items that I use so that is almost as good. I've gotten some really excellent prices on organic spices, which is great because with the cold weather I'm baking more.