Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Canning Apples...Part Two, And Finished!

Well, I worked up the last of the apples, yesterday and finally have them all canned! PTL!
Here is the picture of before I started the peeling and slicing! This time I peeled and sliced most of them, before I started the cooking. That way, I was not having to stop and peel/slice more while my canner was not quite full! That worked a lot better.
I took a picture of the apples cooking in the syrup this time!
The apples float to the top as it cooks and it will run over if too full, once it starts to boil! It does not take long for the apples to get hot and soft too, so this part goes fast!
Finished! Yippee!
Canned 17 qts. yesterday so that brings us up to 36 qts!!
That gives us a lot of apple pies over the year!
Wow! We got more then I thought we would! Must be because we canned almost every apple, instead of eating a bunch!
I hope a lot of other people canned a bunch of apples this Fall.
God Bless!

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