Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cooking on a Wood Stove

My family bought a small "Baker's Choice" wood cook stove right before we moved to TN. Actually, I think Dad did some bartering for it!
We used it in the small 10"/50" trailer house that we lived in. We soon learned we needed more and found someone, believe it or not, right down the road who had bought one for Y2K! This was a Large Pioneer Maid and I loved it! They are my favorite to this day! =) I wish we could find one or afford one now!
Here is a picture of my family's Pioneer maid, with my sister beside it:

Last autumn, (I believe it was) King Ed found us a small "modern maid" cook stove down in GA. for sell and went and bought it for us. We brought it in the house finally and have it set up for the winter! the other day he got it going to see how well it will do. It did great! I had decided to make a huge batch of rolls that day, so used it for keeping the dough warm to raise. Here is that picture:

It has been great for keeping the chill out on evenings that have been cool! The girls have enjoyed helping bring the wood in! It is great to have them grow up around this.
Last Monday, I put a pot of pinto beans on the stove, since he had it going, and boy did that smell good, with a big ham bone in it! I also tried the oven out on the rolls and it did great! I hope it helps our electric bill this winter and will not be soo worried about the electric going out now!
God is Good!


  1. Hat's off to you for cooking on a woodstove. This model looks similar to the one my grandmother used to have. I've never tried to cook in one myself, other than the bake oven in the masonry stove, which I've used for pizza, baked beans and bread.

  2. Great post Hannah!! And yeah on the new cook stove!
    When I was a kid, a neighbor gave us a large cookstove similar to the one you show in the picture with your sister. My mother eventually gave it away, to go back to gas. Drats! I would love to have a cook stove again. You never have to worry about cooking or heating when you have one of those. :)

  3. My parents had a pioneer maid! We used it for cooking and it also had a place for water. That was so handy, you always had hot water in the winter, we didn't have electricity for a almost a year, so it was a great help to have that!

  4. I have the exact same Modern Maid wood cook stove in my house. Have you been able to get parts or know where I can parts? The grates are going bad and I want to replace them. E-mail me at Just put wood stove in the subject if you reply.

  5. any Idea where to get parts for this model. I just purchased one that needs 2 of the firebox cast iron side grates, and the oven rack...251 989 2231. call me