Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to my porch!

Welcome to my porch!
Lynnette from "Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground" invited us to join her on a front porch gathering!

Here are 10 Things about me!

1. I am a "homebody"! I love to be at home with my family!

2. I like to listen to Jarsofclay, the Newsboys, Nicole C. Mullens, Bebo Norman, etc. while I clean the house!

3. I love babies and hope we are blessed with a Lot of them! *Smile*!

4. I like to watch shows/movies with my family! But make it action, history or mystery! I have had enough drama! Lol!

5. I love to read! My dream house has a huge library in it! And it would be great to write books too! Childrens, an autobiography and a biography, etc.
6. I am not a girly-girl, never have been that I know of! Don't wear make-up, never been to a spa, don't go get my hair "fixed", etc! I do love long-hair, dresses and skirts and natural things though!

7. I love to bake and cook and make things for people! And canning! There is such a good feeling about having food put up for my family!

8. I use to milk a cow on a daily basis! I choose the cow over milking goats!
9. I love to learn about herbs, use herbs and would love to have a ton of herbs growing in my yard! And be a master herbalist!

10. I am very shy at making friends, crowds are NOT my thing! I would rather be walking in the woods or thru a field, then in a crowded room, party, fair, etc!

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope to make it over to visit you soon!


  1. What fun to read this! I'm a reader and not a girly girl! It was great to "meet" you through Lynette's blog.

  2. Very fun to read through this! I'm glad to have "met" you through Lynette's blog. Although I think I only saw you, I was on the very front of the "porch" at number 12. :)



  3. Hannah - I have just started learnign about and harvsting medicinal herbs. I Plan to post more on my blog as I go along (so far just the chamomile, but today I am drying clover, St. John's wort and mullein).

    Fudge - somehow I selected my husband's account and not mine, but it's Laurie.

  4. Hello!

    Thank you so much for stopping by from the porch party. I haven't made it around yet. I've been so busy! I'm hoping to hop around tomorrow during nap time! You look like a very very talented lady! Canning... oh my :O)

    I will keep trying to get the word about! Pray for our nation!

  5. Hey there!
    Thanks for visitng my blog through Lynette's! It's so fun to meet new people! You asked me if I had a homebirth. I wish! Midwifery is illegal in AL, which is SO ridiculous and a violation of our freedom. Anyway, I had a hospital delivery and it was a DREAM! Seriously, the nurses and my doctor totally supported me and my birth plan. After 40 hours of natural labor and v-e-r-y slow progression I was completely worn out. I ended up getting an epidural and pitocin. It wasn't my first choice, but I'm just glad I wasn't forced to have a c-section. God was SO good!

    I like your blog! I'm your next follower! :) Be blessed!

  6. Hannah,
    We are kindred in many ways. I'm also a homebody. I also prefer a quiet life. I'm actually scared to go to a spa. ha! I don't know but it sounds so ... revealing or something. I might get brave and try it someday - nah!

    I would love a library in my house too. We actually had one at one time but ended up needing it for a bedroom. Oh well... I like children even better than books! hee hee

    Your Chum,