Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesdays Walk- Fried Pies!

Hey, I am a day late! But hey, that is how it usually goes for my blog! Always a day late! lol!

I found my pictures from when husband and I where in the homemade, fried pie "business" for a while! We made them all at home, by hand and then delivered them to local gas stations/stores/resturants where people sold them for us.
I knew how to make fried pies, since my mom, sister and I had done a lot and sold a lot, over the years (at bake stands etc.). We decided to give it a try for a while and see if I could make some money, but it was a big job to do by hand and as you can tell, we had to make over 100 pies a day and deliever them, to make it worth it for us. Plus we should have charged more. Live and learn!

We made several flavors: Chocolate cream, coconut cream, cherry, apple, peach, and sometimes strawberry!

We made the fillings two, except the apple and cherry pie fillings!

I used canned peaches to make the peach filling, and we loved them, but around here, people said they prefer the pies made from dry peaches. Oh well!

If we ever did this again, I would have to go all the way, buying some machines, having the kitchen set up like I would need it, since you have to go by the laws when selling foods.

It was pretty fun and a great experience! I need to make some one of these days just to give to friends and family! They ask me a lot when I will make the fried pies again!


  1. Wow, that would have been a lot of work!

    They sound yummy though. :)

    You are doing better than me, I haven't done a "walk" now for 3 weeks I think. Just been busy... Hope to do one next week. :)

  2. how did you make the chocolate cream and coconut cream fillings??
    they look great, but sure would have been a big job.