Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday- August 12th

Today's Thankful Thurday is linked to Grace Alone's blog!
I am thankful for my husband, and all the hard work he does for his family, for his love, care and dedication!
I am Thankful for my Grama Z (her birthday is this week!)!
I am thankful for my sister (her birthday is this week too!)!
I am thankful for a fairly clean house! =)
Thankful that our garden is doing well, and we are able to can what we have!
Thankful for the oppertunities that we have been blessed with lately and pray that we use them and all things to do God's will in our lives.
Thankful for the beautiful weather!
Thankful that the people in this country are waking up and being more aware of what is going on ,becoming involved in their community and country and using their freedom of speech.
And thankful for books and ways to educate ourselves! Thankful for knowledge, and for wisdom! Thankful for virtues and morals! Thankful for these gifts from God!