Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Homeschool for this Autumn

We started back to school last Tuesday (the 11th). I was hoping to start On Mon. but was too busy canning! =)
We have decided to use Alpha Omega's Lifepacs for our curriculum. This spring we decided to stop for summer, but she was right in the middle of Kindergarten! So I hope to work it out better this school year! If she finishes kindergarten this fall, we will hopefully start 1st grade and stick to it till she is finished!
I am still pretty new to this teaching thing, so still have a lot to learn! We have two children (so far), one in Kindergarten (Princess S.) and the other a toddler (Princess A.).
I try to stay pretty flexable, but I do keep a small schedule and I love my teachers books that come with the Lifepacs!
Here is what I am going by for this fall while Princess S. is finishing up her kindergarten:

Princess S.=
Devotional readings,
Language Arts,
Wordly Wise,
writing practice (Letter and number)

Princess A.=
Animal matching cards,
ABC flashcards,
First Words flashcards

Educational games,
hands-on activities (paper crafts, clay, painting, etc.).

I am really hoping that we will get to take a trip to the Zoo and Aquarium this fall or next spring! That would be great!

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  1. I posted on your TCH blog post but thought I would stop to say hello here as well. "Hi!" :)