Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Best Healthcare Plan

With all the talk of health care, it has really got me to thinking about the medical system and how people nowadays want to make health such a big issue
I may not be very advanced in age and wisdom, but I have spent most of my life pretty close to nature, and have been learning more about health, natural healthcare and how one can better care for themselves and others around them, if they just learn what God has put around them, if they just learn what God has put around us
I believe that every household, or at least every community should have an herbalist.

May I take you to my world of healthcare ? This may sound unbelievable, but this is the vision of many people who are learning, have learned or practice natural/herbal healthcare

If this is not your idea of healthcare, fine. You may continue with what we have, something worse, or something that just patches up the problems, but does not feed the body what it needs

First, I will blow away most people by saying, we have to each decided and stick to a better diet Yes, no more processed food. Sure there will be processed food to buy, but once people start making this simple and good change, they will soon be replaced by local companies and individuals selling fresh, whole, true organic foods Imagine for a moment walking into your local communities grocery, market, farmers market, or food stand at the corner, and being meet with the sights and sounds of complete, wholesome freshness Fresh, farm grown, local food Grown by your neighbors No more worries about what is in it. You can see what is in it The grain feed to the animals is grown local of course too
(In case you do not see it yet, this is growing jobs for any family that wants to pitch in )

Healthcare is taken care of in a lot of ways just by ones diet.
If you have not studied natural healthcare, maybe I should take this a little deeper, so people can see how this Can and does work
First of all you must remember that we have been eating worse and worse and taking more medication for many years now. This did not happen over night and it will take the adults and older children nowadays, longer to gain good or better health, then it will for future generations. The sooner young people and new parents start making changes in their diet, the sooner a healthier generation will be here
Second you must remember, you are what you eat If you put dead food in your mouth, do not expect your body to be able to live off of it. Your body can only thrive, grow and maintain health, by you putting good, whole, live foods in it
It makes perfect sense if you think about it.
When processed dead foods are put into the body, the body cannot break them down and use them as it should. As these foods build up and the body cannot dispose of them, they build up and start backing up into the whole body's system. Soon you are putting on weight, but you stay hungry, so you eat more and the vacuous cycle continues Even if you change your diet, if you do not clean and rid the body of the build up that has been compiling since you started eating, it does no good for your body.
Once the body has been deeply cleansed of the waste/mucus that has accumulated over the years, then herbs and whole, live, foods can be used to rebuild the body's system, to help it function properly again, and the whole, live foods can work to feed the body what is needed for a long, healthy life. And once the body functions are rebuilt/working on their own again, and the person is eating whole, live foods, little is needed to maintain good health.

It is also important to remember that the body does not process and eliminate medications as they are not whole, live foods. So just like processed foods that cannot be broken down and used by the body, these things back up into the system and cause many harmful and often life threatening side effects.

With this natural healthcare in place, about the only need for an ER and hospital setting, would be for broken bones and when someone is profusely bleeding.

For birthing, there are midwives. You have your babies at home or in a maternity center but it is still natural birthing. For thousands of years, women have had children at home, and with the government out of health of the people, midwives will be able to have the freedom and supplies they need.

In place of medical pharmacy, they are herbal pharmacies, or just your local herb store. There you can get your herbal formulas, capsules, tinctures, dried herbs in bulk or small amounts.

Vaccines and shots are taken out of the picture, since your immune system is built and prepared with herbs and natural products.

Chemical factories would be replaced with factories that produce cleaners, bug sprays, body products, etc. made from herbs and natural products.

All seeds we need to be non-hybrid, and open pollinated. Grain, vegetable, fruit and herb growers would cover the country, as well as organic cattle/dairy, chicken, fish, and hog farms. Less meats and diary products would be eaten, but there would be enough other jobs in the country to make up for them.

There would still be dentist, but with natural tooth products and herbs/whole-foods for calcium and better diets that make for stronger teeth, their offices would no longer be packed. Teeth would be happy and healthy

There are natural treatments/remedies for every sickness, disease and complaint you can come up with. Remember though, many diseases that are diagnosed by this day and time are made up. The cures or remedies are not what they prescribe, and causes are usually traced back to problems in the diet and an overwhelmed/degenerating body system.

I do not wish to argue over peoples health problems, so please do not waste time.
I know many are closed-minded over this matter, because they have been in the medical system, they have never been around nature, do not trust God and what He has given us, trust the doctors to much, and or are too dependent on medications and a quick (but not true) fix .
It saddens me, greatly to see so many suffer from so many problems, many of which can easily be treated. We just have to educate ourselves and remember that herbs and whole foods have been used for healthcare for thousands of years and were given to us by our Creator, so we could take care of the bodies he made for us

You could not imagine the time, lives, stress, paper work and millions and trillions of dollars this healthcare plan would be save this country, and in just a few months and years time. This already works for individuals who use it, and it WILL work for the Whole country too.


  1. amen i totally agree with you!!!

  2. Oh, in a perfect world!! Those are great things, yes. Unfortunately most would trust their doc & pharma more than God's gifts to us in His creation through food & herbs.

    Great post :).