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"The 5000 Year Leap" Book Study- First Principle

On "The Conservative Homeschooler", we have been doing a book study on "The 5000 Year Leap" (A Miracle That Changed The World).

I wanted to share my discussion "overview" on the First Principle here. Hope you enjoy it and if you are a Conservative Homeschooler, and want to join the discussion on the group, please look into joining! Conservative Homeschool Dad's are welcome too!


1st Principle
"The Only Reliable Basis for Sound Government and Just human Relations is Natural Law"

Natural Law- "The Only reliable basis for a stable society and a system of justice" as stated here by Blackstone.

The Life and Writings of Cicero
I had never heard of Marcus Tullius Cicero, until we started reading this book. I have been fascinated by his few writings that I have read so far, and would like to get the book quoted from here ("Great Political Thinkers") and hope to find more books/writings by Cicero.Cicero was a man who rose to great heights, but found himself on the opposing side of Rome as it headed towards a dictatorship, and for this, he was later murdered. He may have been ahead of his time, but he laid a great foundation for the founding fathers to take up and use for our countries founding. Cicero wrote of a "future society based upon Natural Law."

Cicero's Fundamental Principles
Accepting that there is "the brilliant intelligence of a Supreme Designer with an ongoing interest in both human and cosmic affairs." And once "the reality of the Creator is clearly identified in the mind, the only intelligent approach to government, justice and human relations is in terms of laws which the Supreme Creator has already established."And this, as the Declaration of independence reads are called "the laws of Nature and of Nature's God."Natural Law is Eternal and Universal"True Law" sounds a lot like the bible to me, "A sin to alter", not allowed to repeal any part of it and impossible to abolish it entirely.As my husband and I say, "you cannot out run nature. If you go against nature, it Will catch up with you, every time." Women going against nature is a great example of this! this country and much of the world has been going against nature for a long time now, and we will pay for it to some degree."In Natural Law we are dealing with factors of Absolute reality." Wow! Is it just me that sees people doing their best to avoid absolutes and reality?

The Divine Gift of Reason
God made man in His likeness, and gave man dominion over all the other creatures. Man was given the gift of reason and wisdom, and after eating the fruit, the knowledge of good and evil.Cicero's writing here is pretty amazing! Makes one really think! And it reminds me of Proverbs and some other verses in the Bible.

The First Great Commandment
"Love, respect, and obey the all-wise Creator"!People united together under God's law, belong to His commonwealth.Jesus said "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets" (Matthew 22:36-40).

The Second Great Commandment
"Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself""Justice is impossible except under the principles of God's just law"So the "glue" that holds the commonwealth of people together is the love of God!

All Mankind Can Be Taught God's Law and Virtue
"There is no human being of any race who, if he finds a guide, cannot attain to virtue."Cicero stresses that all men who hold God to be the Supreme Being, share this commonwealth, and that under God's law we were born for justice, not by right or man, but by nature, therefore all man can be taught God's law, Natural Law, and be virtuous.

Legislation in Violation of God's Natural Law Is a Scourge to Humanity
So a so-called law that goes against Natural Law, is Not a law, even though it is accepted by the people as law.

All Law Should Be Measured Against God's Law
This part of the book and the above are exactly what is happening in our country right now! They are taking bad and trying to take bad and make it good, and justice is now injustice, all because the power belongs to fools. (Yes, I called them fools!).if we held their papers that they call laws, up against Natural Law, they would Never measure up! We have to get back to holding all laws up against God's Law.

Cicero's Conclusion
Man needs to work in harmony with nature, and natures God to build a "highly moral and virtuous society."

Examples of Natural Law
Here is something for you to do:
Tell me the first things that comes to mind when you think of Natural law, (that is used in our Constitution, laws, Justice system, etc.).
Here are is the first one that I think of, but is very easy:
(If you have the "5000 Year Leap" book, you can find a list of some on pages 46 and 47!)!

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