Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Titus 2 Blog Party

She Looketh Well . . . Blog
Hello to all the ladies at the Titus 2 Blog Party!
And for those who have not been to the party yet, please visit Michelle over at http://shelookethwell.blogspot.com/ and find out how to join!
Michelle has asked us to share a little about ourselves and invites us to visit other women who desire to be Titus 2 women! How inspiring! I really enjoy being "At The Well"http://www.titus2atthewell.com/, and just wish I had more time to read and meet more there!

I am very shy and leery of writing much about myself on here, but will give it a try!
I was born in TX. My family moved to TN. and bought 119 acres of, not the best(!) land, when I was almost (12 yrs. old) and we lived a very plain life (similar to Amish or Mennonites). We cooked on a wood stove, cut firewood with a bow saw, raised A Lot of animals for meat, milk, eggs, to sell,etc. grow gardens every year, hauled water from the creek and spring till we got gravity flow water, used mules for plowing, lived Way back off the road and had to walk all the way up to the house,and pretty much everything on a farm and all by hand! We did have a van for going to town, though. We lived in a tiny, old 10'x50' trailer house for several years, then built us a house! That was a great experience, but not the first or last house or building I got to help build!
Sadly my parents did not have it all right, and my sister left home when she turned 18. I left after I turned 18, and became Ed's wife! And my next sibling down (a brother) left right before he turned 18. I still have 5 siblings at home between the ages 17 and 5. I do not see them though, since we do not want to expose our children to the drama.
I am 23 yrs. old now, happily married to the most incredible man in the whole world, King Ed! He is a lot older then me, according to his birth certificate, but I think there must have been a missprint! We use to enjoy seeing people's expressions when they found out we were married, but now we hardly notice! We have the best marriage I have ever seen, known of or heard about and I thank God everyday for all our blessings! We have two little girls so far, Princess S. (3 1/2) and Princess A. (16 months)! Both were born at home! And we are starting homeschooling with Princess S.! They are such blessings!
We pray that the Lord has a bigger piece of land for us in the future and we are able to raise our children close to the land and close to God!
I enjoy baking, cooking, homemaking, homeschooling, growing closer to God, learning more about Him and trying to be more like Jesus(!), nature and the Great OutDoors, animals, gardening, canning, working with and learning about herbs, sewing, reading, learning history, writing and more recently, blogging!
May God bless us mothers and give us His wisdom and guidance so that we may raise up for Him, godly children and mighty warriors!
God bless you in your High-Calling as a wife/mother/homemaker/teacher!
A sister in Christ,


  1. Hi Hannah, It's lovely to meet you and to be able to visit your blog. Hope you enjoy the party! Blessings, Jules

  2. Thanks for the information about yourself and your family. It was nice to hear of your love for God and your desire to raise your children for Him.

    I have found so many ladies on this blog party that are wanting to be Titus 2 women.

    I have grown daughters and 11 grandchildren. So I would qualify as the older titus 2 woman who wants to encourage the younger women.

    On my blog I wrote a poem about motherhood. If you have time I hope you will visit.

  3. I enjoyed reading about you and your family. Welcome to the blog party! I hope that you will find refreshment and encouragement through some of the blogs you visit and sweet ladies that you "meet."

  4. Hi Hannah
    Thank you so much for joining in on the party! Wow girl, you have lived a lot for someone so young! Though your growing up must have been tough, the Lord must have had you learn a lot that will so help you as you have your own family. I love all the close the homestead stuff you were brought up with. We desire more land and more and more move towards being self-sufficient on our own land.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. Have a lovely time enjoying the party.

    In Him
    She Looketh Well

  5. Hello Hannah. Great to "meet" you here at the party. I laughed out loud at people's reaction to your age difference. My hubby and I have a big difference as well. But that's God's will not ours. Be blessed!

  6. Hey, what's a few years difference! My parents have ten years between them, my husband's sister has 15 and his brother has 20!

    God bless,

  7. It sounds like you have led a very interesting life. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Your girls are beautiful.