Monday, March 9, 2009

Only 3 Days Left! Till We Surround Them!

Are you concerned about the future of our country? Do you fill alone and as if your voice is never heard? Then please take time to visit the links below, find (or host) a "We Surround them" party in your local area and join up with others who feel and believe like you!

To find a get together near you or to post about your get together, go to:
Hey the big day is only 3 days away (March 13th)! I hope you are getting ready for the event! I have posted about the Principles and Values in two post already, if you have not seen them yet, or if you have not been watching and listening to the Glenn Beck program, please visit:

We are going to a "We Surround them" get together on March 13th, just south of here. I really look forward to that and getting to meet more people and seeing what Beck will have to say! Plus they will be filming some of the other big get togethers across the country! Even if you don't get to join a party or have a few friends over to watch the Glenn Beck show with you, tune in to see what it is and what all is going on at 5 p.m.eastern, 4 p.m. central, 2 p.m. Pacific, on the Fox News Channel! I think you will be very surprised, if not blown away!

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