Sunday, March 22, 2009

YOU ARE INVOLVED...and What we have been doing lately..

Wow! A lot has been going on lately and I have a lot of things I have been wanting to share. I don't know if it is better to split a lot of it up or combine it in one post! So I'll see how it runs out!

King Ed want to one of the "Tea Parties" on Feb. 27th that they had all across the country. I know they were not covered by the news, but some of the "Tea Parties" have been pretty big, and they are still having them and planning them! King Ed said there were a couple hundred people there, in Nashville, even though it was rainy and cold!
On March 13th, the girls "Nonnie" came to spend the evening with them, and King Ed and I went with another couple (friends of ours) to a couples home, whom none of us had ever met, for the viewing/ get together of Glenn beck's "We Surround Them" project. The show lasted an hour, but they had Tivo, so we kept stopping it and talking, discussing so much! It was great and we were there for about 2-3 hours! The couple (at who's home we visited) had a meeting the next morning at their local airport. When we showed up around 30 people were there, and the local Representative came in to answer some questions and hear what people had to say and talk a little about the bill they are trying to pass on the 10th Amendment. King Ed confronted him on some issues and so did a few others! Also after the Rep. left and King Ed got a chance to stand up and speak a little, he presented his "Open Letter To the Sheriffs of the nation" (you can find it in a post below. If you would like to print some off to pass around and give to your local sheriff, please email me for the PDF form at ). The people there were very happy to have this presented to them and we did not have petitions/letters enough to pass around to everyone, so one man went and made more copies! Anyways, I look forward to going to more meetings and "Tea Parties" and starting some meetings in our area. People are really waking up to what is going on in our country, or at least waking up and wondering what is happening and what they can do about it. I am so thankful to Glenn Beck for the work he has been doing trying to inform people about what is happening and could happen and helping everyone join together in their own areas! People need to be waking up! They need to be educating themselves, and joining others in their area. Things are happening Soo fast in the country right now. It is scary what is coming at us. We no longer have time to bury our heads, ignore the white elephant in the parlor, and never utter a word or become involved. This is Our country! This is where We live and whether we like it or not We are All involved! We will all be affected, no matter what happens, good or bad, in this country. So let us all join together! May there be holes in the knees our clothes from kneeling to pray, and may there be strength in our convictions, may we stand by our words, may we understand and live by our values and become a virtuous people! We cannot afford to loose the country! For the sake of our Founding Fathers', for the sake of our children and future generations, for the sake of freedom, WE MUST STAND!
God bless you all!
In Christ,

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  1. Thank the Lord there are families like yours. I am very interested in the tea parties and would love to go to one, but my husband is not interested at all. Thank you for sharing the experience with us. Could you include pictures ??