Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Tea Party

Here are some pictures of the Jackson,TN. Tea Party/rally.
There were around 600 there, I would guess. It was a great rally! A lot of petitions to sign, a lot of fired-up people and great speeches!

The rally was in front of the courthouse and it was decorated so pretty!

One of the three booths were everyone signed petitions and a declaration.

About four people sang patriotic songs and about 8 others got up and spoke on different subjects. The man below was an OBGYN (sp?), who did the pro-life speech! It was great!

We handed out about 250 of the "Open Letter to the State Legislators", and left the rest (we took 300 copies) at the petition tables. My husband took the time to explain the "Open Letter" to everyone he gave it to! I am so proud of him! =) =) =)

I just had to take this picture! An elderly gentleman was riding around with his little dog in his lap! The patriotic elders really touch me! I know most of them have served this country and they have seen this country cone so far and have seen it fall over the past 30 years. How sad, that in their later years they have to worry and be concerned about their freedoms and country again!

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