Friday, July 17, 2009

How have You been Preparing Lately?

We have been pretty busy here, with preserving the harvest, guess you could say!
I have been hoping that A LOT of other people have been putting away a Lot of food lately. I do not know how many times I have thought that the past few days or said it to my husband! Lol!
I use to find it humorous to see what people call their pantry, or that they have been stocking up and see a few 5 lb. bags of dried beans and some little stacks of canned veggies! But I no longer find it funny. We are in the middle of some serious stuff in this country and world right now and it looks like it will only get worse for a while! if the true American's cannot take this country back soon, we are looking at a terrible depression and sooo much more! This could get VERY BAD! No this is not a funny matter anymore! I truly pray that women and families all over this country are buying up as many canning jars as they can possible find! And filling them with food that their family can and chances are will live off of, in the future! Even if this country takes a turn back to it's roots, we have some tuff times ahead. It will take a while to restore, and rebuild this country back. We need to be ready for the days when you cannot go to the grocery store and get food, when you cannot get food unless you have a government card and government housing, etc. I pray that day never comes, but like I said You will need your own food someday!
Maybe I am a little old-fashioned and cling to my Bible and gun, live close to nature and try to have a closer walk with God, but I believe that God wants us to depend on Him for our food, to till the soil and supply food for our families, by the sweat of our own brow! And that He wants us to be prepared for the future, so that our families are well taken care of, as the Proverbs 31 woman!

I would also like to point out that we are not having global warming! Woohoo! Who didn't know that?
But you may want to watch nature, Mr. Gore, we may be having some cooler weather! Another reason we need to be close to nature! So we can know what the winter ahead may be like, and how we need to prepare for it! My husband has been talking about this for a while and says we need to be preparing for cooler winters! I think i would rather be safe than sorry!


Here is a little of what I have been doing!

Last Friday (July 10th), we went to a local Mennonite community and bought some sweet corn and put in an order for more produce!
So Mon. (13th) King Ed went and picked up the produce and Tue. I got started canning it all!
Thought I would share how my week went here!

Canned almost 20 qts. of tomatoes,
Canned 14 qts. of potatoes,
washed, hung out, then put away laundry,
vacuumed and swept,
cooked meals,

We went with King Ed that morning and went to the grocery store, bought food, etc. for birthday party this weekend,
when we got home,
canned 14 qts. potatoes,
then wrapped presents after the girls went to bed!

cleaned around the house some (desk, upstairs bathroom, vacuumed, swept floors, etc.),
canned 14 qts. of potatoes,
pickled 14 pts. of peppers (mostly banana),
cooked meals,

Fri. (today)-
cleaned kitchen,
cleaned main bathroom,
swept and mopped floors, vacuumed,
worked in garden, stacking the tomatoe plants,

I Praise the Lord that we have been able to put up what we have so far and pray that we can put away a lot more!
I hope you and everyone you know is buying jars and filling them this summer and autumn too! This is very important!
Bless your family by looking ahead and preparing!

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  1. Some of us just aren't able to do all that. I agree it's a good thing & I feel twinges of anxiety everytime I hear of someone doing this. But my life is not such that supports it at least at this time. With multiple special needs children I just about get through the day never mind garden, can, or even "stock up" considering all their special foods etc etc... it's unnerving yes. Dh is not supportive; could care less about that. So what do I do? I pray... it's about all I can do.